Charter Must Pay $1.1B To Family Of Woman Murdered By Cable Technician –

A Texas judge ruled today that cable giant Charter Communications must pay $1.15 billion to the estate and heirs of a woman who was killed by a giant cable repairman. That figure was reduced from an initial $7.38 billion awarded by Dallas County Judge Juan Renteria after a jury found the company guilty in the … Read more

“I don’t care, just come and get your all [Stuff]!”: A cash register systems technician maliciously complies with a customer’s request to terminate their services.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably well aware that the last thing you want to do — to ensure your business thrives and you’re swimming in a huge wallet of money — is to do it yourself. to spoil. Well, easier said than done when malicious compliance comes into play, right? Because if someone … Read more