Kyle and Jackie O prove how strong she is by leaving their radio show

Jackie O leaving the air on Friday was a loud reminder that she is one of the most important voices on radio. Her storm was flex. On Friday, KIIS FM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O pulled out of their radio show due to their own saga. The couple were interviewing 2GB legend Alan Jones … Read more

Queen’s funeral: It’s ‘tough’ for Prince Harry to be next to Prince William mourning the Queen

Prince Harry reportedly found it “difficult” to be in Prince William’s company from time to time last week. The two brothers, who have been separated for several years, have been forced to spend time together since their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on September 8th. A source close to Harry told London’s Sunday Times that … Read more

Queen’s funeral: Prince Harry confirms he won’t be wearing military uniform at funeral events

Prince Harry has reacted to reports that he has been banned from wearing ceremonial military uniform during Queen’s mourning events, while scandal-prone Prince Andrew has been granted an exception to allow him to wear military uniform. Both princes served in the military: Harry, Duke of Sussex, in Afghanistan, and Andrew, Duke of York, in the … Read more

Death of a Queen: The Liverpool Four’s outing at Windsor Castle has been reportedly postponed by Meghan Markle

New reports suggest there was another reason why the Fab Four’s surprise appearance at Windsor Castle was delayed nearly an hour after claims that “protracted and tense” negotiations delayed the Fab Four’s arrival. Very few expected Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle to step out of the same car as Prince William and Princess Kate as … Read more

The real reason Prince Harry was late to Balmoral, William flew ahead

For decades, the cumbersome plan for Operation London Bridge lay in boxes all over London, collecting dust and crumbs of sand. (Eating cookies and reading Evelyn Waugh is what a certain breed of Britons do – pinstriped men, schooling – all day long, right?) Everything was taken into account, from the fact that the pallbearers … Read more

Darren Hayes Reveals Why Savage Garden Disbanded

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes has detailed his bitter breakup with bandmate Daniel Jones in a candid new interview that says the pair haven’t spoken in years after a “serious betrayal”. The chart-topping Australian pop duo dispersed at the peak of their career in 2001, releasing only two albums and a string of hit … Read more

The real reason Harry and Meghan went to the UK for 15 minutes with the Queen

Her Majesty only granted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a 15-minute appointment when they were in the UK, raising questions about what prompted them to make the trip. The Queen may just be the most famous mime in the world. Her image stands there with the McDonald’s arches and the cross in terms of … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres cried a lot before saying goodbye to TV

Insiders spoke of the emotionally charged last days on the set of The Ellen Show, revealing that the presenter was crying regularly. Ellen DeGeneres was emotional in the two weeks leading up to the finale of her long-running talk show, sources said. “Ellen cried a lot,” the source said. Page six. “The whole few weeks … Read more