Christine McGuinness Strikes Back When Evil Trolls Called Her ‘Too Skinny’

CHRISTINE McGuinness lashed out at the trolls who said she was too skinny. The 34-year-old model has previously struggled with anorexia and rebuffed internet trolls who commented on her figure. 5 The Real Housewives of Cheshire star criticizes trolls commenting on her weightCredit: Instagram/mrscmcguinness 5 The TV star insists she’s “trying her best” after breaking … Read more

Lewis Capaldi Reveals Which Famous Singers Inspired Him To Create New Single “Pointless”

Lewis Capaldi fans will be in for a treat this morning as he finally releases another single from his highly anticipated second album. The Scotsman’s comeback single “Forget Me” has been high on the charts for months – and catapults him back to the top of the pop hierarchy. 9 This morning Lewis Capaldi releases … Read more

I met Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac at her Los Angeles home and what she told me about her plans for motherhood still shocks me.

Singer Christine McVie opened the champagne when she arrived at her home in the Hollywood Hills on March 21, 1978. Just three weeks earlier, she had been celebrating her divorce from bass player John and opened up about how she put their band Fleetwood Mac ahead of her personal life. 6 Christine McVie said, “All … Read more

Taylor Swift may be the queen of the stream, but on one UK star’s Spotify Wrapped chart, his own music is number one.

THIS is becoming one of the most important days in the pop music calendar – the one when you are brought back to Earth and told with scientific certainty that you are nowhere near as cool as you think. Music streaming giant Spotify has once again mailed out its annual listening review to users, reminding … Read more

Alexandra Burke reveals why she cut her maternity leave to return to work eight weeks after giving birth

Alexandra Burke said she cut short her planned three-month maternity leave and returned to work eight weeks after giving birth. The pop star welcomed her first child into the world in July with her fiancĂ©, West Ham goalkeeper Darren Rudolph, 35. 3 Pop star Alexandra Burke has teamed up with myFUGIFILM for their Million Moments … Read more

Katie Price goes braless at a raucous party with Chloe Ferry and Yazmine Ouhello after Carl Woods split

KATHIE Price enjoyed a single life, spending the night with girlfriends Chloe Ferry and Yazmine Whallow. The former glamor model, who has once again split from her fiancĂ© Carl Woods, looked incredible when she stepped out braless in a form-fitting black maxi dress on Wednesday. 6 Katie Price stepped out braless in a tight midi … Read more

Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods leaked explosive tape of the couple arguing about dr*gs during a messy breakup

Katie Price’s breakup with ex Carl Woods could become even more painful after he leaked a tape of their fight over dr*gs. In the shocking clip Carl released at 2am tonight, Kathy is heard agreeing to tell her mom Amy that she didn’t show up to the event “because I was on c*caine.” four Katy … Read more

Who is in Fleetwood Mac and when did Christine McVie join the band?

AFTER going on the air in the 1970s, the members of Fleetwood Mac became icons of the music industry. The group consisted of Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham and John McVie. 2 Fleetwood Mac from left to right: Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, the late Christine McVie and John McVie.1 credit … Read more

Kardashian fans have caught Khloe’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in racy new Lemme ad photos.

KARDASHIAN fans pointed out a major wardrobe malfunction to Khloe as she posed for racy new photos. Chloe, 38, posed for a new commercial for her sister’s Lemme vitamin line. 5 Kardashian fans caught Khloe’s awkward wardrobe glitch in a photoshoot1 credit 5 The entire bottom of Chloe’s silky nightgown is wrinkled and wrinkled.Credit: Instagram/Khloe … Read more

What Happened to the ‘Love Actually’ Cast – Daniel Craig Romance, Bankruptcy, Tragic Death and ‘S*xy and S*xist’ Film Speeches

With a love triangle, a fling, and doomed romances, who could have imagined that Love Actually would become such a cult Christmas movie? But the holiday film brings Britons across the country together, and every year millions of us gather around TV screens to watch it. 12 Several cast members, including Emma Thompson, recently reunited … Read more