Taika Vetti wants to audition for the next James Bond.

Daniel Craig has re-enacted his role. Inside James Bond There is no time to die., On the occasion of his 15th year as MI6 Intelligence Officer. The legendary actor has said goodbye to his famous role, and has taken a permanent leave of absence from playing the role. Craig has been photographing Bond since 2006. Casino Royale, And even An emotional speech During my last day on the set.

The film premiered on September 26 at the Royal Albert Hall, with the last credit for the promise of a future James Bond return. With the search for James Bond in the future, Oscar-winning director Taika Vetti Decided to let her know that she is available to play the role.

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Taika is interested in continuing the legacy of the VAT bond.

In response to a story that announced that the search for a new James Bond star would not begin until 2022, Viti shared on Twitter that he was available to take on the role.

“Hello. I’ve been here all this time, Brooks! Vetti said, in response to the announcement by longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.

Taika also published a series of her comics. In a long blonde wig, playing with a big mustache and using a filter that makes her eyes look bigger, she hoped the character would be considered.

The actor and director’s unofficial campaign has garnered the support of his fans, who believe he is the best for the role.

“I have nothing but respect for James Bond,” wrote one fan.

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“Word! Taika is the sleeper you’re looking for in Brooke. Bond is ready to choose a game changer casting. Come on !!!” Another said.

One fan said, “If they don’t choose you for the bond, they will definitely make you a villain.”

Upcoming movie titled There is no time to die. Will pick up five years after the events. Spectator, In which Bond decided to leave the service to live with Dr. Madeleine Swan. His friend, Felix Letter, a fellow CIA agent, then approached him to help him find the missing scientist.

Bond soon finds himself on a dangerous path as he must eliminate a terrorist leader who has a secret connection to his past. The film also stars Oscar-winning Rami Malik. Knife outside Star Anna de Armas Among the other stars

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