‘Tales of the Jedi’ Trailer Promises Star Wars Stories

New “Tales of the JediThe trailer showcases many beloved Star Wars characters, including Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and even Jedi Master Yaddle. The lightsaber extravaganza promises to thrill fans with new stories about the rise of Ahsoka Tano. and the fall of Count Dooku. The teaser trailer begins by contrasting dueling fates and their respect or disrespect for the value of life. This will lead to their ethical exploration of which side of the force to use.

Created by Dave Filoni and Charles Murray (of The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch), Tales of the Jedi is an authentic expansion of the Star Wars universe based on both mythology and confirmed canon. teasing six original shorts divided into three respective episodes, each focusing on Ahsoka and Count Dooku, the series also depicts the growing threat of the Inquisitors and their selfless hunt for the Jedi.

Based on this trailer, we can expect Ahsoka’s rigorous training with her Jedi Master Anakin ahead of his decisive turn to the dark side and the execution of Order 66. It will most likely be similar to Count Dooku, who struggles with his true nature while training the young Kwai. -Gon Jinn. You can start streaming Tales of the Jedi on October 26, 2022 exclusively on Disney+.

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