Taxi driver reference you probably missed in Everybody Loves Raymond

This is a reference that only the most seasoned moviegoer will notice on first viewing, as it appears in Everybody Loves Raymond season 2 during episode 22 of The Client Is Always Dead (via IMDb). In this episode, Ray Baron (Ray Romano) is going through a midlife crisis after finding out that he is no longer 6 feet tall. Not exactly Bickle style, but we’re on the same wavelength.

Peter Boyle, who plays Ray’s father Frank, sits down with him during the episode and tries to talk about the meaning and circumstances of life, much like he did as the Wizard in Taxi Driver. The result is a hilarious and almost identical conversation between father and son, in which Boyle quotes his most famous lines from his conversation with Bickle.

“You see, you do something and that’s what you are,” Boyle’s Frank Baron said in the “Everybody Loves Raymond” scene, which was posted online and flagged by reporters. US movie storm youtube account. “One guy lives in Brooklyn,” Frank added. “One guy lives in Sutton Place. Another guy is a lawyer, one guy is a doctor. Another one dies, another one recovers, people are born.” Looking confused, Ray Romano said to Frank, “What the hell are you talking about?” To which he replied, “Don’t worry so much!” This is the exact advice the Wizard gave to Bickle in “Taxi Driver”, with his quote from the movie: “You do something and that’s what you are… I mean, one guy lives in Brooklyn. One guy lives in Sutton Place. … You have a lawyer. The other guy is a doctor. The other guy is dying. The other guy is recovering. And, you know, people are born… Don’t worry so much!”

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