Taylor Kinney credits ‘Chicago Fire’ cast members’ chemistry for show’s longevity

Taylor Kinney made this comment during a 2021 interview with Today. The actor appeared on the morning show in honor of the 200th episode of “Chicago Fire” along with his longtime co-star David Eigenberg, who plays Chief Fireman Christopher Herrman on the series. The said interview touched on a variety of topics, including the show’s enduring appeal to prime-time viewers. When asked bluntly why he thought Chicago Fire was taking so long, Kinney didn’t hesitate to cite the cast as the main reason.


“It’s a family feeling,” Kinney notes at first, adding, “I think the cast’s chemistry … is a testament to the show’s chemistry, top to bottom.” Kinney continued by praising Dick Wolf for helping set the tone for the main cast. “We all get along,” he said, continuing, “I think for the general public … people see how we get along.” The actor went on to acknowledge that the family atmosphere among the cast extends beyond the NBC filming. In fact, Kinney claims that he and his co-stars regularly hang out together when the cameras aren’t rolling, noting, “It’s a tight-knit group.”

If history has taught us anything, it’s that Dick Wolf and his creative team are more adept at putting together top-notch ensembles than most. So it’s no surprise that Chicago Fire also featured a close-knit team of talented actors. But even in the realm of Wolf’s astounding creativity, the cast of Chicago Fire seems more harmonious than most. And it’s always nice to see the star of the series admit it.

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