Taylor Swift is secretly engaged to British boyfriend Joe Alwyn and the couple are set to marry

TAYLOR Swift and British boyfriend Joe Alwyn are secretly engaged.

The couple in love does not plan to officially announce their good news, but confided in their inner circle.


Superstar Taylor Swift and British boyfriend Joe Alwyn got engaged in secret after confiding in their inner circle.1 credit
The loving couple has no plans to officially announce their happy news.


The loving couple has no plans to officially announce their happy news.1 credit

Conversations With Friends pal Joe, 31, says he bought the 32-year-old superstar a ring she wears “behind closed doors.”

The famously low-key couple, who have been shown on the red carpet several times, did not tell some members of their team about it.

Last night, a source close to Joe said: “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love.

“They were actually engaged for a few months but only told their inner circle – mostly immediate family and trusted, very old friends. All were also sworn to secrecy.

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“Taylor has a beautiful ring, but she only wears it at home, that is, behind closed doors. Again, only a handful of people know the details of the wedding, and Taylor hasn’t even told some of her crew about the engagement.

“They want their love to stay as far away from the cameras as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they exchange vows, then there will certainly be no Vogue, no Rolling Stone, no Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant – just like them.”


There are no specific details about the wedding yet, and it is not known if the couple will officially confirm this news.

Their engagement comes five years after they first started dating and marks a big turn in American hitmaker Taylor’s personal life.

While her previous relationships with other Britons, including Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles and Calvin Harris, have largely played out in the public eye, she and Jo have largely kept their romance under wraps.

Gone are the messy kissing pics (Tom and Taylor kissing on the beach), crappy Instagram shots (making snowmen and floating on a giant inflatable swan with Calvin), and clumsy dad shots (releasing pigeons in the Lake District with Harry). ).

Instead, the savvy Taylor, who is worth £470 million, is now using her social media to promote work, charity and share pictures of her cats.

However, over the past 18 months, the Love Story singer has become more outspoken about her boyfriend.

She confirmed that Joe co-wrote two songs on her Folklore album under the pseudonym William Bowery and helped write three tracks for his next album, Evermore.

Refreshingly, they remain grounded – except when they flew in one of two private jets reportedly owned by multiple Grammy winner Taylor.

She drives a mid-range Nissan around London to remain incognito. The couple, who rent a house together in North London, spent their holiday in Cornwall enjoying beach trips to Newquay.

They were also seen in the capital’s pubs, enjoying pints of beer and chatting merrily with patrons. Taylor regularly roams London without make-up, wearing a hoodie and sneakers – and the couple deliberately avoid the showbiz scene.

Joe has been an absolute rock for the last couple of years.

However, they were recently photographed kissing in the sea during their latest five-star holiday in the Bahamas.

Taylor has not toured since 2019, but appeared at a one-off concert in Paris in September 2020.

In January of that year, she announced that her mother, Andrea, had brain cancer.

She divides her time between here and the family home in Nashville to take care of her. The source added: “The last couple of years, Joe has been an absolute rocker.

“He obviously knows the Taylor family and Andrea loves him. Likewise, Joe’s parents adore Taylor – she actually helped decorate his little brother’s bedroom.”

Ever since she met the Bristol University graduate, she has written songs about him. London Boy’s lyrics include: “Boy, I like you. And now I love afternoon tea, stories from the university and the West End.

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“You can find me in the pub, we watch rugby with our school friends.”

Her track Gorgeous was also an ode to blond, blue-eyed Joe. Taylor’s rep declined to comment on the engagement claims.

A source close to Joe said:


A source close to Joe said: “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love.”1 credit

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