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Taylor Swift’s fever hit the Toronto Film Festival on Friday night when the singer-songwriter star walked with actress Sadie Sink to present her 10-minute work. Everything’s Too Good: Short Filmfollowed by an hour-long In Conversation event with Festival CEO Cameron Bailey.

Fans slept all night on the sidewalk outside the TIFF Bell Lightbox cinema hoping to get a seat on standby, while bars and eateries along the King Street Festival Center blasted Taylor Swift’s classic 2012 track “All Too Well” that inspired the short .

For Swift, the event gave her the opportunity to publicly display the short work in its original 35mm format.

“It’s very important to present the short film in 35mm because that’s how it was originally filmed,” Swift said before the screening.

Sink (very strange things) and Dylan O’Brien (maze runner) co-stars as a young woman and slightly older man in a relationship of ups and downs that ultimately fails but leaves an indelible mark on both and lingering regrets.

Launched online last November, Everything is too good played in select US theaters and screened in Tribeca in June, and there is now talk of the short film being a potential contender for this season’s awards.

Swift told Bailey it was not surprising that she ended up writing and directing the short film, explaining that there was always a visual element to the way she came up with the songs and presented them to the public.

“When I wrote the song, I immediately started thinking about how I want to represent it on stage. If I made a music video for it, what would it look like?” she said.

“And then when I was making the album, halfway through I started to conceptualize what this album was going to look like? What colors are we dealing with here? What topics? aesthetics? What do I want it to symbolize? Because from the beginning of my career, I wanted every album to be a kind of era.”

She talked about the many directors who have influenced and inspired her work throughout her 20-year career.

“Time has changed. I always liked certain films in certain periods that I was in musically. For example, when I was recording the 1989 album, I watched a lot of John Hughes films, for example Sixteen candles, Club Breakfast over and over,” she said.

“When the pandemic hit, I watched Guillermo del Toro a lot, Devil’s spine Pan’s Labyrinth. My whole world has turned into fairy tales, forests and mythical creatures. was just dazzled by these films and I always obviously liked water shapeit’s one of my favorite films.”

She also cited more recent books such as Noah Baumbach’s. Marriage history and Joanna Hogg Souvenir as well as Souvenir Part IIwhich she saw after the completion of “All Too Good”.

“I really love the fact that this is a story about this young woman going through incredible grief and despair and then doing something similar about it,” she said of Souvenir Part IIadding that she saw it after All Too Well was finished.

Swift said it was “a process of baby steps” to get the short film project going.

“It wasn’t like I woke up one day and thought, you know what, I want to be a director,” she said. “I have been on the set of over 60 music videos and have learned a lot in the process because my eyes and ears have always been open. I always look at the footage and think: “I like this one, but I don’t like that one.” Why and why not?”

According to Swift, getting Sink and O’Brien in the lead roles was a key step forward for the project.

“It was a very instinctive decision based on watching their performances. If I had to attribute analytical thinking to this, I would say that I had never seen any of them play such roles before. But I saw how they surpassed everything that they set for themselves, ”Swift explained.

“I thought I was wondering if Sadie Sink would like to play a romantic role. I know I haven’t seen it yet. I think she’s at the perfect stage in her career when she could,” she continued.

“If she said no, I just don’t know if I would honestly make this film. Yes it’s true. I really wanted both to say yes. I know we have to compromise in life, but I didn’t have a backup plan and I didn’t want to compromise.”

Swift, who is currently preparing to release her 10th studio album, Midnights, on October 21, admitted that making a feature film would be a natural step forward.

“I would like to keep taking small steps forward. And I think I’m in a place right now where the next baby step is not a baby step, it’s going to be a film commitment and I’d love to get the right opportunity because I absolutely love telling stories that way.” she said.

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