Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer’s New Relationship Revealed

It’s been awhile since then Leah Messer finds herself in the spotlight because of her two failed relationships with little dads Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms on Teen Mom 2. Her adoring fans hoped that she would find love and change her relationship status to show that she was settling in with someone. The wishes seem to come true, and Messer seems happier than fans have ever seen her. This is due in part to her new boyfriend Ceylan Mobley

The couple went official on Instagram with some very hot photos that quickly became the envy of fans around the world. Their chemistry is undeniable, and since they announced themselves as an official couple in September 2021, they have been inseparable. Everyone wants to get as much information as possible about this new man who brought a smile to Leah Messer’s face and became so easily close to her children.

10 Ceylan Mobley worked at NASA

Ceylan is 25 years old, from North Carolina, and has just the coolest work experience that he can boast of. Not many people can claim to be NASA employees, but Ceylan definitely can. Before he graduated from military preparatory school, Ceylan worked hard and his reputation for diligence benefited him. internship at NASAand it definitely caught the attention of the fans.

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9 Ceylan Mobley – Army Man

Added to the list of awards and incredible experience that Ceylan Mobley already has under his belt is the fact that he proudly represents his country in the army. He is a senior lieutenant in the US Army and takes his role very seriously. He is also a member of the West Virginia National Guard. Leah is fascinated by the stories he shares and has great respect for his contributions.

eight Ceylan Mobley has no children of his own

In the very short time the two were together, it was well documented that Ceylan had already formed an incredible bond with Leah’s children. He took an active part in the lives of Alianna, Alia and Adaline and with incredible ease went about their daily affairs. Leah stated that she is delighted with his love for children, despite the fact that he does not have children of his own.

Fans wondered how this military man and Leah made their first connection, and Leah told the press, “We met on a project that Ceylan did with ESPN and the army that was filmed and captured by one of my aides in September 2020.” From there, he sent her a direct message, and they kept up virtual communication until they could contact in person.

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6 Ceylan Mobley and Leah Messer’s first date

Ceylan Mobley scores high in romance, and from the way Leah described their first date, he seems like a real gem when it comes to treating his girlfriend right. Their first date was flawlessly planned by Ceylan and included dinner at the Bricks and Barrels in Charleston, where he and Leah were able to chat and get to know each other. A lot of fun followed when they attended Wiz Khalifa’s live concert at Power Park together.

5 He has a very exclusive title

Ceylan Mobley has won an army title that very few other men have ever achieved or can achieve. He is currently recognized as West Virginia’s first cyber officer, and to give fans an idea of ​​how difficult it is to fill the position, only 0.01% of the United States Army has been hired for the position.

4 He is an avid adventurer

Ceylan Mobley works hard and the results of his efforts are obvious. Despite his busy schedule and academic demands, he always manages to seize the moment, and his Instagram page reveals that he is an avid adventurer. He loves to travel and has already gone on vacation with Leah. Ceylan is not one to sit still for long, Ceylan’s adventures include traveling, boating, and photographing in front of his luxury cars before taking them for a ride.

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3 Ceylan Mobley is very smart

Ceylan has reached incredible academic heights and is an incredibly intelligent young man. It boasts an impressive 3.8 GPA and has made it to both the Directors ‘and Deans’ List. He has also been awarded for Excellence in Leadership and has a number of academic awards on his resume.

2 Ceylan Mobley’s family

Ceylan is a family man. who keeps his loved ones close. He takes pride in his close relationship with both parents and is actively involved in their daily lives. His father has been the subject of many of his Instagram posts as he dedicates birthday greetings and expresses love to his father. His mother is also familiar with his Instagram account, and she often comments on his posts with love and encouragement.

one He pays great attention to physical fitness.

Ceylan Mobley is passionate about physical fitness and devotes a lot of time to training. He pushes himself to the limit to achieve sculpted abs and formidable biceps, and continues to lead a healthy lifestyle. The images he posts online reflect his ultimate dedication to training.

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