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Teen mom Caitlynn Lowell shares a rare photo of her 12-year-old daughter Carly, which she sent for adoption in honor of Tyler’s husband

Star mom Caitlynn Lowell shared a rare photo of her daughter Carly, whom she gave up for adoption 12 years ago, in a love video for her husband Tyler Baltierre, who celebrates nearly two decades of marriage.

Couple together from school.


Caitlynn Lowell shares tribute video to husband Tyler BaltierreCredit: TikTok
The video showed Carly, whom they sent up for adoption.


The video showed Carly, whom they sent up for adoption.Credit: TikTok

Catelynn posted a tribute video on TikTok and then on Instagram.

It includes several photographs in which she and Tyler are captured in different years, starting from the beginning of their romance – back in 2006.

Among the photos was one with Tyler and Carly, whom they handed over for adoption after she was born.

The couple’s decision was documented in 16 and Pregnant and later in Teen Mom magazine.

They maintain a relationship with Carly, as well as her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa.

However, Caitlynn and Tyler do not often publish pictures of Carly at the request of her parents.

Caitlynn lashed out at her husband in the caption to the photo: “From 2006 to 2022 and beyond.

“You are my Home”.

She added hashtags such as “school sweets” and “homeiswheeverimwithyou”.


Fans filled the comments with positive reviews, praising the couple and sucking up photos, especially Carly’s.

One commenter wrote: “Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa without ‘proud of you both.’

Another commented, “I will always be in awe of this incredible relationship that you have worked so hard to create. Thank you for letting us testify. “

The third comment read: “I love every photo and every person in it.”

The couple were unable to show Carly’s photos online and were not allowed to show her on the show.

They filmed their last visit to her, but she did not appear on camera.

After that, the couple spoke about the visit.


During part of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Caitlynn and Tyler spoke to Dr. Drew about reuniting with Carly.

Recalling the visit, Caitlynn said, “I’m just happy that she has a relationship with her sisters. It is very important for me”.

The couple are also the parents of a daughter, Nova, six, Vaeda, two, and a newborn daughter, Rea.

Tyler said that “all” of their visit was special to him and added, “The main thing for me was just to see Karlie take Vaeda and Nova and just really play with them in the park and help Vaeda up the stairs to go upstairs. a slide she couldn’t read without Carly.

“It’s just such little things.”

Tyler also shared the reason he was brought to tears after the visit, telling Dr. Drew, “I just heard her say something to her dad about how difficult it is for him to say goodbye, so I thought, ‘Ooh.”

Katilynn added that she didn’t think Carly wanted them to hear it and shared, “This time you could see tears in her eyes.”

The couple and their oldest child reunited for the first time in two years.

In a video about them getting ready, Caitlynn and Tyler flooded Carly, calling her “the best nanny” after seeing her with her younger siblings.

They also said that she now looked “grown-up.”

Katilynn and Tyler have been like a roller coaster ride with Carly’s parents over the years.

Brandon and Teresa prefer to keep Carly out of the picture.

The teen mom stars found this decision difficult to make, and have documented their difficulties and shared their opinions over the years.

Katilynn and Tyler since high school


Katilynn and Tyler since high schoolCredit: TikTok
They now have three children together and a daughter, whom they sent for adoption.


They now have three children together and a daughter, whom they sent for adoption.Credit: TikTok
Their journey was well documented for MTV.


Their journey was well documented for MTV.Credit: TikTok
Teen mom Caitlynn shares a rare photo of her 12-year-old daughter Carly, which she sent for adoption

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