Teen mom Farrah Abraham shows off her new butt fillers while squatting on the beach with her 12-year-old daughter Sophia.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham snuck into a beach workout showing off her new butt fillers as she went for a walk with her daughter Sophia.

Farrah has been open about getting her butt fillers.


Farrah Abraham showcased her fillings on the beach with daughter SofiaCredit: Reddit
The couple were spotted strolling around while the Teen Mom star stopped to train.


The couple were spotted strolling around while the Teen Mom star stopped to train.Credit: Mega Agency

The photos show the MTV star taking multiple yoga poses and doing squats with an expander as waves crash nearby.

Farrah took several breaks during her workout.

At some point, she was noticed when she posed for a selfie and walked with Sofia.

Despite all of this, her plump ass was on display in tiny lavender shorts.

The controversial reality TV star paired her shorts with the same tiny top that showed off her cleavage.

Sofia looked like her mom with purple hair, but she wore all black as she walked along the sand with Farrah next to her.

Farrah’s ass isn’t the only part of her body she’s been working on.

She has spoken openly about her operations, but fans are still shocked to see her previous image and her current one next to her.


Fans recently begged her to “stop getting fillers” after comparing her current look to her comeback from Teen Mom.

In honor of Flashback Friday, Farrah shared a still from the movie 16 and Pregnant back in 2009.

In this scene, the then reality TV star’s pre-plastic surgery was shown.

She looked unrecognizable compared to what she was now.

Farrah wore a cheerleader outfit to dinner with friends.

Looks like she was looking for something in her bag as she sat at the table.

In the photo, her hair was cut partially and bangs framed her face.

Fans seemed to ignore the question Farrah asked along with the photo she didn’t like.

“I seriously love how stupid everyone is,” she wrote.

Farrah is currently rocking platinum blonde hair, full lips, big breasts, and fillers in her ass.

She often proudly displays her body on social media and even documents her routines here and there.

While she doesn’t seem to see a problem with her attachment to plastic surgery, fans are begging her to stop.

Several fans have asked her to stop filling her lips with filler, noting that they have been looking “plump” lately.


Fans often worry about how Farrah’s antics will affect her 12-year-old daughter.

She is regularly criticized for her behavior around her daughter.

Farrah was recently criticized for twerking with a teenager and bringing her to near-nude dancers.

She also faced backlash for letting Sofia get a Playboy bunny on her nails.

Sofia showed off her decorated nails on Instagram.

The post spread to Reddit, where Farrah was criticized.

One commenter wrote, “This is a terrible photo.”

Another added, “I’m not surprised at all, but it’s so sad and unsettling. This poor girl has no one. “

Farrah took several yoga poses


Farrah took several yoga posesCredit: Mega Agency
She showed off her assets in tiny purple shorts.


She showed off her assets in tiny purple shorts.Credit: Mega Agency
Farrah faced backlash over her parenting decision


Farrah faced backlash over her parenting decisionCredit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham
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