Teen mom Janelle Evans twerks in mini pink dress and drinks with Jade Kline at Briana DeJesus’ Wild Court Victory Party

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans twerked in a hot pink mini dress at Briana DeJesus’ court victory party.

She also had drinks with co-star Jade Kline.


Teen mommy Jenelle Evans twerks in mini pink dress with Shae Kogut1 credit
Fans think Jenelle might return to the show


Fans think Jenelle might return to the show1 credit

Jenelle shared a series of videos about her story while she was at Briana’s victory party for winning her legal case against Cailyn Lowry.

She first shared a boomerang of her, Brittany DeJesus, Shay Kogut, and Jade Kline giving the finger in the mirror.

Jenelle Evans drinks with Jade Kline at Briana DeJesus' victory party.


Jenelle Evans drinks with Jade Kline at Briana DeJesus’ victory party.1 credit

They both drank a glass of red alcoholic drink.

The 30-year-old also hung out with Briana, Queen Connie Bonnie and others.

Teen Mom fans think Jenelle is returning to MTV after spotting cameras at a party
Teen mom Janelle Evans strips down to red velvet robe for OnlyFans

The court party seemed to get a little wild as everyone was drinking and dancing.

At one point, Jenelle was standing at the counter with a drink in her hand.

Standing next to Shaya as the music played, they turned away from each other and danced, rubbing their buttocks against each other.

“Go girl,” Shai said, laughing.

It was a big teen mom reunion with lots of pink balloons and decorations.


Briana threw a lavish party to celebrate her victory in the trial of her enemy, Kaylin.

In June last year, Kaileen filed a defamation lawsuit against Briana, but it recently ended and the latter emerged victorious.

In her Instagram story, Briana shared an inside look at the party she threw on Friday night to celebrate her big win.

The first clip she posted was of a stack of $20 bills on her couch, with a few more raining down from above as Rihanna’s “Bitch, better take my money” lyric played in the background.

That moment comes when Briana demands Cailin to cover her over $120,000 legal fees in their defamation lawsuit.

Briana had balloon arches installed on the back, as well as various pink backgrounds, one of which read “case closed” in gold letters.

On the glass shelf, she had large pink cubes with flowers that said “Winner” on them, as well as something that looked like a cookie with “Bye Hoe” written on it, apparently calling for Cailin.


Kailyn and Briana have been feuding for years, but it escalated last summer when the mother-of-four sued her rival for defamation after she claimed the star “physically beat” her baby dad, Chris Lopez.

Briana alleged in court documents that her partner did not appear on an episode of their MTV series last season because she did not want to discuss the arrest, which was later filmed, on camera.

The lawsuit recently came to an end after Briana filed for a dismissal and the judge agreed.

Now, Briana has vowed to fight back against Kaileen after their legal battle has cost her a lot of legal fees.

Thus, Cailin hired a powerful lawyer after her nemesis Briana pressed her to pay legal bills.

Kristen Bell Tattoos can exclusively report that the battle is not over yet as Kaylyn has filed a Notice of Appearance for new lead counsel Christopher A. Aguirre of Trembly law firm based in Miami, Florida.

TV stars also continue to battle it out online, with Briana accusing Kaileen on Friday of letting her fans leak the mother-of-two’s home address.


While the alumni and current colleagues were at the party, fans spotted one clue that could lead to Jenelle’s comeback.

Reddit Fans noticed that Briana had cameras filming her victory party.

“It’s not only Jenelle at the party, but Brittany has a microphone… MTV cameras must be filming while we’re talking,” read the original poster.

“I wonder if she thinks this is her way back to MTV?” asked another fan.

“One of them posted a video showing two cameramen filming. They were definitely there,” said a third.

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Jenelle was fired from her longtime stint on Teen Mom 2 after a series of controversies, including her family dog ​​being shot and dying.

After leaving the show, she started an OnlyFans page with her husband David.

Jenelle Evans drinking with Amani


Jenelle Evans drinking with Amani1 credit
Briana DeJesus, Jade Kline and Jenelle Evans dance together at Briana's party.


Briana DeJesus, Jade Kline and Jenelle Evans dance together at Briana’s party.Credit: Jade Kline/Instagram
Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans pose for Briana's victory party.


Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans pose for Briana’s victory party.1 credit

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