Teen Sheldon star Ragan Reward says it’s her favorite part as Missy

In April 2021, Reagan Reward spoke to Shine to discuss all things Young Sheldon, Missy’s acting and acting in general. During the discussion, interviewer Heather Riccio asked Reward to share what she liked most about playing Missy, and Reward had nothing but positive to say about it.

Basically, Reward likes the fact that Missy allows her to lead a lifestyle that is different from her own point of view. Reward said, “Although I’m older than Missy, I can experience a lot through her, like what it’s like to have siblings, grow up in a different era, go to high school, play sports, and grief.” The young actress also noted that she loves the way Missy handles situations and loves her confidence, adding that she feels like she’s learning a lot from Missy.

Also, her desire for a chance to play Missy caused her to fixate on “Young Sheldon” which led to her getting the part. Reward explained, “When I got into the audition, it was a very stressful time. It was right in the middle of the pilot season and I was leaving on other business, but I kept asking my mom about Sheldon’s project. Missy likes it so much… She is very independent and strong-willed. She definitely made me laugh and I just knew she would be a lot of fun to play with.”

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