Teenage Mom Jenelle Evans Now Says She “Does Tests To Check My Heart Is OK” After Spinal Tumors

Young alumnus Mama Jenelle Evans revealed that she was “being tested” on her heart after she told fans about her illness and, as a result, a spinal tumor.

The former MTV star is battling syringomyelia, a condition that causes fluid-filled cysts (syrinx) to grow in the spinal cord.


Jenelle Evans shared an update on her health, revealing more potential problems.Credit: TIKTOK / @ jenellelevans.
The reality TV star says she was being tested


The reality TV star says she was being testedCredit: TIKTOK / @ jenellelevans.

Jenelle spoke about her new health issues in a comment on TEC So video.

She responded to a fan who criticized her for twerking in the music video, and several others after claiming she was in great pain due to her condition.

Critic commented on“It looks like your back is fine, now I want my cancer to heal so quickly that I can enjoy the day with my children.”

Jenelle replied, “Whatever you think. It was a rough draft, and now I’m doing blood tests to see if my heart is okay … so for a year I think I’m fine. “

The commenter seemed to disbelieve Jenelle’s claims, responding, “I bet it was a draft, but it’s okay, like I said I wanted my health to be just as good …”

Jenelle shared the video a few days after the start of the New Year.

In the video, she appeared to stumble in baggy sweat, then walked over to the camera and twitched.

The headline read: “Having barely lived to 2021, and then entered 2022 as …”

While Jenelle still has moves, she has been open about fighting over her health.


Talking frankly with a fan online, the controversial MTV star revealed that she had lost her “spark” and “motivation.”

She blamed the swelling in her back and added that doctors “recently discovered” a swelling in her neck that, she said, “hurts a lot.”

Jenelle’s update appeared in a video on TikTok in which she responded to a commenter who said they were “a big fan.”

“Hi, thanks for the support,” Jenelle said in her video, lying on the bed, speaking to the camera. “Lately, I just calm down.

“I’m putting my health first right now, so if I feel like I’ve lost the spark or motivation, I’m kind of lost.

“I recently found out that I have a tumor on my neck that hurts a lot … Recently I have been very sick, and my neck is just killing me.”

The former Teen Mom 2 star added that she has “news” with her neurosurgeon next week.

Jenelle first spoke about her condition in December with a grim video stating that she “found several tumors in my spine” and requested “#PrayersPlease.”

Earlier in the month, she posted a subscription to an emo song on TikTok.

Jenelle’s lip-synced lyrics read, “I don’t need drugs because I’m already pumped up enough.”

She wrote over the clip: “When you already have a cyst growing in your spine … and the doctors cannot help you. When you are paralyzed, go to the ambulance. “

The fired teen mom star posted her condition on Instagram Stories in March.

She said she was “in shock” at the time.

Jenelle detailed in a YouTube video, explaining that she has constant headaches and her neck “breaks 10 times a day.”

She spoke openly to fans about her health.


She spoke openly to fans about her health.Credit: TikTok / jenellelevans.
She developed cysts on her spine and asked for prayers from fans.


She developed cysts on her spine and asked for prayers from fans.Credit: Instagram / j_evans1219
She recently claimed to have lost her "Spark" due to "pain"


She recently stated that she had lost the “spark” due to “pain.”
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Twerks On TikTok AGAIN A Few Days After The Star Claims She’s Struggling With A “ Painful ” Swelling In The Neck And Spine

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