Teenage mom Mackenzie Mackey admits she “lived in great disgrace” months after Cheyenne Floyd’s racist scandal and feud

Teen mom Mackenzie McKee shared a long post about “forgiveness,” admitting that she was “very ashamed” in 2021 and decided to “forgive” following her racist scandal and feud with Cheyenne Floyd.

The MTV star has come under fire after she used an insult against Vice President Kamala Harris.


McKenzie McKee talks about shame in 2021 after racist scandalCredit: Instagram / Mackenzie Mckee.
The scandal led to a feud with co-star Cheyenne Floyd.


The scandal led to a feud with co-star Cheyenne Floyd.Credit: Instagram / Cheyenne Floyd.

Mackenzie shared Photo she raised her hand up and smiled at the sky.

In the caption, she reflected on the past year and shared her plans for 2022.

She wrote: “I’m so excited about 2022.

“I am very glad to see what God has prepared for me. Here are some of the changes I’m making to bring me more joy in my daily life.

“1. Never participate in gossip about someone else. I am a man and a sinner, like them. Who am I to speak badly about someone. I will not even click on articles that have gossip about someone. either. It never brought me joy.

2. Forgiveness. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Move forward and always strive for the best. I have lived with a lot of guilt and shame. Nothing more. People will ALWAYS remember your past. You can move forward.

“It will allow me to find more joy and become a better version of myself.

“3. Put your phone down. And feel the love that I have in front of me. My children, husband, friends and family are such a huge blessing. And yet here I erase moments by spending time reading hateful comments about myself. This is not joyful life “.

She continued: “4. Stop looking for confirmation in the world and turn to God. I shed tears over literal strangers on the Internet who have no idea who I am or what my heart is about. No more.

“5. Work harder than ever! 2022 is MY year and I claim it. I can wake up and choose happiness, humility, kindness, and joy. What a wonderful life to live. “

It was a difficult year for Mackenzie, who has been attacked by trolls on the network more than once.

Most recently, she has faced backlash for singing about husband Josh McKee’s “dick” in a TikTok video that also featured son Gannon.

She also had to deal with the aftermath of a racist scandal.


Mackenzie’s troubles began in January 2021 when she shared her thoughts on the new VP on Facebook.

The Teen Mom star spoke negatively about Kamala’s impact on the country, writing, “Sorry, no. There are many amazing women in the world that my daughters can look up to and consider them as role models.

“Kamala Harris is not one of them.”

She added, “I’m just amazed that of all the amazing women of color in this world, she’s the one who makes history.”

Mackenzie was hated by followers who called her “ignorant” and “dumb” because of the comment.

She apologized for the comment and then personally apologized to Cheyenne in a tense phone call.

As a result of her comments, she was dropped from Teen Mom’s spin-off show, Family Reunion.

A fan asked her about this after publishing the music video for Emmy Meli’s song I Am Woman.

She captioned the post: “Learn to value yourself in the way God sees you. He chose YOU for this world. “

McKenzie added: “Our self-worth should not be determined by others.”

in the comments, fans asked about the reunion, asking, “Did you get caught up in the teen mom’s family reunion?”

Mackenzie replied, “I was not invited.”

She later revealed that she tried her best to stay away.

Due to her racist comments, she was not invited to the teen mom's family reunion.


Due to her racist comments, she was not invited to the teen mom’s family reunion.Credit: Instagram / Maci Bookout.
Mackenzie and husband Josh starred in the TV series


Mackenzie and husband Josh starred in the TV series “Teen Mom” ​​for several years.Credit: Instagram / @ mackenziemckee
Her future with her teenage mom remains uncertain


Her future with her teenage mom remains uncertainCredit: Instagram / Mackenzee McKee.
Teen mom Mackenzie Mackey posted a defiant video claiming she was not invited to an MTV spin-off after being accused of “racism”

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