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TF1 detective series HIP (High Intellectual Potential) became the first French-language series to be remade in the United States.

Distributor Newen Connect has closed a deal with Disney Television Studios-backed ABC Signature to create what Newen called “the most successful French-language show on French television in over 10 years” and has been sold in more than 100 countries. .

Work on adapting the scripts for the series has already begun, and the showrunner, writing team, and cast have yet to be announced.

Produced by Septembre Productions and Itinéraire Productions supported by Mediawan. HIP follows Morgane Alvaro, an intellectually gifted housekeeper who becomes a consultant for the Major Crime Unit in Lille.

The original series was created by Alice Shegaret-Bréno, Stéphane Curry and Nicolas Jean and starred Audrey Fleureau and Mehdi Nebbu.

The show was named a success story by France’s Unifrance in last week’s French Television Export Report.

HIP was an incredible international success as a francophone game and has gained audiences around the world, so we are not surprised that there is demand for an English adaptation,” said Newen Connect Managing Director Rodolphe Buet. “We were blown away by the enthusiasm of the ABC Signature creative teams and their sense of collaboration during our meeting with the French producers.”

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