That’s what happened to Josh Seinfeld’s very young ex, Shoshna Lonstein

Too many fans don’t remember. The overall work done by Jerry Seinfeld. Decades ago … and this is her relationship with Shushna Lonstein. Like many people Very rich personalities, Jerry chose a very young woman in the mid-1990s. However, it is not just that Shushna was young, it is that she was 17 years old when she got the number for the first time. By the time they started dating, everyone was talking about her and, of course, who Shushna really was. Finally, Jerry moved on. He started a family with his current wife., Jessica and the world forgot about Shoshna.

Although Shoshna may have left the spotlight by the late 1990s, there are still plenty of them. She is a career woman with a full life beyond her short romance with the creator of NBC’s Seinfeld. What is Shushna Lonstein doing now?

Shushna’s relationship with Jerry.

First of all, it’s now Shoshana Lonstein Grass. But when she first became involved, she was still Shoshna Lonstein. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Shushna, she will be forever attached to Jerry Seinfeld because of her controversial relationship. She was only 17 when she started dating the famous comedian, who was 38 at the time. Not only was it brutally noticeable when the two would stand side by side at the event, but the fact that Shoshana was under 18 when she first started correspondence really got the press’s attention. However, According to Gawker, Many news sources tried to end their relationship, claiming that everyone should accept it. Although both sides agreed and actually looked like each other, it is debatable whether their relationship was acceptable or not.

Jerry first met Shushna in Central Park. She was already an Emmy winner and she was still in high school … According to people, Jerry approached a private school girl in the park. The pair teased and gave her their number. From there, they had a romantic relationship for a few years until he graduated from UCLA in 1997.

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At the time, Jerry knew people were suspicious of his relationship with his 21-year-old junior wife. Until he went to The. Howard Stern Show twice to try to smooth things out. In the first two interviews, in 1994, he tried to shed light on the comedy. In the second, just a few months later, Jerry appeared a little more apologetic:

“I didn’t know she was that young,” he said. “She’s the only girl I’ve ever been out with. I wasn’t dating her. We just went to a restaurant, and that’s it.”

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For years, Jerry said that he and Shoshna did not start their romance until they were 18 years old. In a 1998 interview with the New York Mag, Julia Louis Dreyfuss said, “No, he didn’t offend me. It was fun for him when he was in the relationship. And he’s a great person, so I was in favor of it. Come on – who cares? There was nothing wrong with that. I thought it was great. ”

Although the world made a big deal about their relationship, whether they supported it or strongly opposed it, Shoshana Lonstein was soon forgotten after their breakup. You, Where did it end??

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What happened to Shushna?

Although one of the reasons Shushna ended her relationship with Jerry was because of the pressure to be in the public eye, she pursued a career that gave her a little attention … fashion. With the help of her father, Zac Lonstein, Shushna started her own clothing company called Shushna. A few years later, she married Joshua Gross, CEO of Round Hill Music, and they had three children together, Siana, Angelica and Joseph. However, Shushna and Joshua divorced, but she kept her last name.

Shoshana is currently running her own clothing line as well as being the style director of Elizabeth Arden’s company, as well as being a mother on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She has created an extraordinary life for herself and her family, all of whom are fulfilling their dreams thanks to their mothers and fathers. Shushna is very active, including several Jewish charities, and sits on the associate committee of the Memorial Sullivan Catering Cancer Center.

A cursory glance at Shushna’s Instagram will tell you that her family comes first. Although she is a very business woman, her relationship with her children and extended family is the most important thing in her life. It is clear that he is far beyond his past romances with celebrities.

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