That’s why Jennifer Garner looks so satisfying to her fans.

For a long time, the spotlight was on Jennifer Garner. As her career unfolded, she married one of Hollywood’s favorite bachelors, and she even began to have lovely children.One of which is basically his money.Fans are practically obsessed with Jennifer’s life.

ThenAs divorce rumors swirled around him and Ben, fans became even more interested in what was happening to Jennifer Garner. As it turns out, though, she never really understands why fans care so much about her relationship (but. She says she and Affleck are parents to each other., So this is).

In fact, Jennifer seemed surprised that fans cared so much about her relationship with Ben and the end of their marriage. Which makes him quite enviable, even as an A-list celebrity.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity.

The first reason Jennifer Garner is so irrelevant is that she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity. Yes, he literally had to go to court to keep his children out of the spotlight (and stop the papyrus from pursuing them), but Garner did not realize the intensity of public interest with his family.

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In an ironic twist, in one. Report all interviews Jennifer described her marriage, admitting something that fans found very relevant, albeit very strange.

Jennifer suggested that Ben’s rumors with her grandmother were not true, but she also confirmed that she was shocked by the media frenzy. “We were there,” he said, looking at his family on the news, as if it were a shock to him.

She then explained that despite media coverage and gossip, her marriage to Ben was “real” and not “for the cameras”. Although people were hoping they would come back together, Jennifer admitted that she had accepted that the marriage was over at the moment, and that she was just preparing to move on.

But then she brought something that made Jennifer really so elite.

Jennifer Garner Brad Pitt was a fan of Jennifer Aniston.

In the same interview about her marriage, Jennifer talked about how people want her and Ben to work, and how she understands it. However, he admitted, “When Jane Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, I was dying to see something that said they were coming back together.”

Clearly, Jennifer doesn’t see herself as a superstar. She sees herself as a fan of Brad and Jane and therefore understands the couple’s “delivery” to the public. Interestingly, she didn’t notice any similarities between the two relationships, as fans more or less compared Jennifer and Ben to powerhouses like Jennifer and Brad.

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Ben Affleck’s “biggest regret” is his divorce from Jennifer Garner

The biggest regret of my life is this divorce. Shame is really poisonous. There is no positive product of shame. “

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