That’s why Marc Cuba’s wife didn’t run for president.

Mark Cuban is one of today’s most successful American entrepreneurs with a business portfolio that includes everything from aerospace, medical, tech and entertainment companies to the Dallas Mavericks. He is also a well-known figure on NBC, serving as a ‘shark’. Shark tanks (The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.). Over the years, Cuba has become one of the show’s most popular figures (rumor has it). Business people also started asking for more money when they came along.).

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No matter how busy he is these days, there are still other aspirations in Cuba, mainly political. In fact, he is not entirely opposed to the idea of ​​running for the country’s top post in 2024. Before he can register as a candidate, however, Cuba seems to have to convince his wife, Tiffany Stewart.

Who is Tiffany Stewart?

Cuba and Stewart have been together since 1997, first meeting in a gym where they enjoyed working out. And even after Cuba successfully sold its company,, to Yahoo for 5. 5.7 million, Stewart chose to keep his job and a modest Honda on the ground. At the same time, he insisted that he and Cuba were in fact “middle-class” people, even after moving to a 24,000-square-foot Dallas mansion.

At first, it didn’t seem like Cuba and Stewart were planning to get married anytime soon. Back in 2002, Cuba also told the New York Times, “This is a serious commitment.” Just two years later, the couple got married in a private ceremony in Barbados. Today, Cuba and Stuart are happily married. He is also proud of his parents of three children. As long as they have been together, Stewart prefers to stay out of the spotlight. And while she rarely gives interviews, people in the couple’s inner circle know that Stewart has a great deal of influence in Cuban decision-making. This is especially true when it comes to his political plans.

He almost ran for president a few times.

During his career, Cuba has considered running for president at least twice. The first came back in 2016 and the billionaire even told CNBC, “If I run like a dam, I know I can beat Hillary Clinton. And if it was me vs. [Donald] Trump, I will crush it. There is no doubt about it. However, Cuba eventually decided to support Hillary Clinton. Later, Cuba considered launching a political campaign in 2020 after sharply criticizing Trump.

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He even thought he would run as an independent (not interested in the country’s two-party political system). Although his team guessed, Cuba realized he shouldn’t do it. “Tripartite between me, Biden and Trump, I won the free vote – I got 77 percent of it and I managed to get some votes from Donald and some votes from Biden. But overall. “I was able to get only 25 percent,” he revealed. Speaking on a podcast by former Obama official David Axelrod, X files.. “By all means, cross-stub, you name it. I analyzed it in every way and checked, projected, and they could only see me up to 25 percent. That’s why I didn’t pursue it any further. What

What does Tiffany Stewart really think about Mark Cuba’s political ambitions?

At the moment, Cuba has not completely ruled out the idea of ​​running for president in 2024, even though it must believe he is the best person for the first job. “I will not do it just to do it,” Cuba told Brendan “Scope B” Robinson in January. “I’ll only do it when I think I’m the right person. We have time, so there are a lot of other qualified people out there.

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If you ask close friends like a partner. Shark tanks ‘Shark’ Barbara Corcoran, however, has absolutely zero chance of ever running for office in Cuba because Stewart doesn’t want it either. “I’ll tell you who I believe in, [Cuban’s] Wife [Stewart]. When I went to Dallas about six months ago on his 60th birthday, the person I wanted to see the most was Mark’s wife and I said to her, ‘Do you want Mark to run for president? Will give? ‘ ‘State Association NYRAC “and he said,’ Absolutely not! ‘ And I believe in that, and I think that’s the real answer.

In the past, Cuba has admitted that its family has opposed the idea of ​​running for president. They don’t like how much pressure a political campaign will put on the family. And while Cuba itself has said that the 2024 presidential race is “extremely, extremely, highly unlikely,” the billionaire also acknowledges that no one should ever say no. While Talk to WFAA“I’m a business man. I always keep my doors open. Stewart probably looks at things differently,” explained Cuba.

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