That’s why “married at first sight” couple Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus divorced

Married at first sight saw Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus excitedly tying the knot and saying yes during season 12. Fans agreed that they did seem to be in sync with each other, and it seemed like this couple was about to go through all of life’s ups and downs. falls as a single force. While many of the other relationships highlighted in the series have portrayed endless drama, incessant arguments and quarrels, Ryan and Clara seemed to have an easy and comfortable relationship right away. together.

When the shocking revelation was made that they had decided to break up and that Ryan had filed for divorce, it came as a complete surprise to fans who were truly overwhelmed by the news. Curiosity peaked and the reason for this gap became a new fixation for fans who needed to know more.

10 Ryan Obre suggests Clara Berghaus was “racially deaf”

When they got into an interracial relationship, Ryan and Clara seemed to be completely at ease, with neither of them expressing concern about the situation. Now that the divorce was finalized, Ryan stated that Clara was anxiously racially deaf, and that he could not deal with the fact.

Ryan is quoted as saying, “You can’t really be open to marrying another race and not wanting to marry their culture (or at least understand it).” He went on to say, “Black experiences and black cultures are not monolithic, there is no one-size-fits-all shoe. It is constantly evolving and changing over time. “

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9 Ryan Obre claims Clara Berghaus was disrespectful to his family

Ryan is a family man and admits that he was dumbfounded by Clara’s behavior in front of his relatives. He accused her of coming to one of his family gatherings taped to her phone and continued: or avoidance) because you don’t like the way it looks will not help either….Refusing to try to understand and educate yourself is a wake-up call.. “

eight Consultation failed to save Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus’s marriage

At the first sign of trouble and disagreement, Ryan and Clara signed up for a marriage counseling session, and post-show therapy seemed to benefit the couple. They both devoted their time and attention to improving their marriage, however the progress made was not sustainable over the long term. Clara thought the counseling was going well and admits she felt overwhelmed when Ryan filed for divorce and took formal steps to end their marriage.

7 Cameras prevented Ryan from starting a tough conversation

Ryan Obre admits that at the beginning of this interracial relationship, he saw several red flags. He went on to tell fans that he thought Clara Berghaus had no opportunity to communicate with black Americans, but he was unable to bring the topic up, fearing that the press would somehow misinterpret it.

“You should at least try to understand the culture in which you got married,” Ryan said. “We avoided these conversations on camera because I knew it was a difficult topic and didn’t want it to look like I was using the camera against her. I confess I deliberately disrupted conversations or avoided them because I knew what to go. “

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6 Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus’ divorce statement

When it became known that Ryan and Clara were going through a divorce, each of them took a moment to reveal their own version of the story of the breakup with their fans. Ryan posted a long and heartfelt explanation of the reasons that led them to this decision, while Clara took a completely different approach.

During the day after Ryan’s post was published, Clara announced that she was going to participate in a fan revelation and began recounting her version of the breakup, saying, “Every story has two sides. That’s mine. Today at 8 pm on @lifetimetv, ”she said.

5 Clara says she “went through hell and came back” in her marriage

Clara Berghaus applauds Ryan for wanting to end their marriage and states that she went through a very difficult time with him towards the end of their relationship. “I went through hell and came back in the last 18 months, and at this point I have to say that I am so proud of myself and how far I have come. my story will be an integral part of my healing process and let me tell you that I am ready to leave it all behind, ”she said.

4 The Intimate Life of Clara Berghaus and Ryan Obre

Clara undermined Ryan’s online reputation by claiming that he was not doing well in the bedroom. She went on to describe various reasons why she was dissatisfied with their level of intimacy, and eventually openly shared those moments of dissatisfaction with others. Married at first sight wives in the 12th season. She complained about every aspect of their closeness and made it clear that Ryan was not coming up behind closed bedroom doors.

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3 Ryan lost confidence in Clara after she revealed their identity

When Clara used Married at first sight platform for air her grievances in the bedroom, Ryan felt betrayed. He did not agree to share their personal data with the public and felt that by complaining about him in this way and intertwining his name, Clara had betrayed him. Try as he might, Ryan couldn’t see beyond that moment and says that it made him realize that he could never fully trust Clara again. At that moment, he realized that his relationship was forever ruined.

2 Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus’ reaction to divorce

Ryan Obre promised Clara Berghaus’s parents that he would always treat her with respect, and he kept his word. Proving that he is an honest man, Ryan did not in any way scold Clara during their separation. He kept his social media posts respectable and informative for his fans, without being rude or giving away too much of his dirty laundry. On the other hand, Clara responded with candid interviews and beat Ryan. She also used her breakup as an opportunity to make money by teasing fans to tune in to her. Married at first sight find out all about the juicy details that led to the breakup of her marriage.

one Ryan had deep concerns about children with Clara.

When Ryan Obre and Clara Berghaus got married, they set their sights on children and family expansion. However, Ryan began to question whether Clara could handle an interracial child. He felt that her behavior was not a reflection of someone respecting people of color, and that was not how he wanted his children to be brought up.

Ryan stated, “When you marry someone from a different race / culture, you inevitably accept parts of their personality. The most important thing is that your kids can do it 100% and your kids will need your help to get their bearings. They need you to help teach, train and understand as best they can – the systematic racist system. The decision not to try to understand and educate yourself is a red flag. “

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