That’s why Tom Felton’s recent tick talk is being criticized.

Since the launch of the Harry Potter franchise, most movie stars have moved on with their lives and careers. Daniel Radcliffe, for one, doesn’t like being known as Harry Potter to this day.

But in an interesting twist, he is one of the favorite villains of the movies. Decided to stick with his HP legacy. And tick tock with it. Fans point out that Tom Felton enjoys publishing a lot of Harry Potter content on his TickTalk.

The actor is still very popular after his portrayal of Draco Malfaye years ago, but that’s not why fans saw the rise of hateful comments on his talk. Although some people associate the character with the actor, there was something else when Tom Felton was followed by Tuck Tucker.

A cruel rumor raised Tom’s tick-tock flag.

People started surrounding Tom Felton’s tick talk with hateful comments, and the fans took notice. One person who admitted to being out of the loop questioned why Felton is being criticized so much when he really only posts healthy magic content.

It turns out that a rumor, coupled with a mistake by Tom, earned him an undesirable title and some less ridiculous accusations.

Critics have accused Tom Felton of liking underage girls.

The first part of the cruel rumor apparently came from a fanatical fan who fabricated the messages that appeared from Tom, The fans claimed. He suggested that once a female fan was caught for poorly editing Tom’s messages, it was clear that Felton had never asked a minor for his pictures.

Still, the story is linked to the suggestion that Tom Felton did “something” for Emma Watson when she was younger. Fans became confused, however, when they realized that Tom was only two years older than Emma.

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Fans say it would be inappropriate at any point in their working relationship, so it doesn’t mean anyone will come after Tom alone. These days, Tom also says that he and Emma are “something”. Her fans were now raising eyebrows over their adult counterparts.

But there’s another piece of the puzzle, and fans are upset.

Some critics have suggested that Tom Felton is a transphob.

Another issue that was apparently linked to Tom’s allegations of talking to someone who was younger was the suggestion that Felton was a transphobic. Fans made it clear that Tom apparently liked JK Rowling’s tweet, which was provocative for eunuchs.

Although fans say it was an honest mistake by Tom and he later disliked or at least explained the reason for clicking on Rolling’s post, he thinks the incident led to other allegations against Felton.

Bottom line? Fans say Tom did nothing wrong, and yet his PG-level tic-tac-toe came under fire.

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Tom Felton Malfay.
Before playing Malfay, Tom Felton auditioned for other ‘Harry Potter’ roles.

The casting for Harry Potter could have been very different.

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