The 15 funniest entries ever in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022, proving that nature can be pretty hilarious.

Without a doubt, photography is the universal language of our time. Saved digitally or printed out and piled up for later reminiscences – everyone has many photos they hold dear.

It gives us the ability to immortalize moments and revisit past memories. We are able to take a trip down memory lane and remember what life was like when we didn’t lose the people we loved.

Capturing moments and documenting people’s events is one of the most rewarding hobbies, and those who do it professionally will probably agree that it enhances the perception of beauty and life. The overall perspective changes.

A perfect example would be everyone’s favorite and highly anticipated Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The annual pageant celebrates the joy of our natural world and allows us to appreciate the earth and its creatures without harming their already endangered lives.

In this article, you will be able to review the most interesting entries of this year so far. Tell us which photos tickle your funny bone the most!

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about the contest finalists, check out our previous articles about the 2021 and 2020 winners.

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Our world is extraordinarily beautiful and interconnected, yet the human race is doing its best to over-exploit and damage it. Issues of wildlife conservation and sustainability are gaining traction globally, yet the messages and images are often negative, depressing and encouraging.” – A thoughtful quote from competition co-founder, Paul Joinson-Hicks, which can be found on the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website, perfectly sums up the importance of this annual competition.

It is a sad but well-known fact that our wildlife is under threat. Illegal trade, which is considered the fourth largest criminal industry in the world, our fragile ecosystems that are destroyed by fire, humans willing to cut down trees just to introduce another commodity, pollution, and climate change. – All these things are the biggest threats that are actively destroying the earth.

As humans, we have an obligation to heal our world, and the submitted images are raising awareness of its dying beauty and educating people about wildlife and its importance. Without being overly motivated by scary images.

Now, those who are not yet familiar with the background of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards may be wondering how and when it was created:

It all started in East Africa, where Paul Joinson-Hicks was working as a wildlife photographer. The man was looking through his cute pictures when he stumbled upon some people he was laughing at – an eagle looking up at the camera from its hind legs and a warthog. The co-founders then realized that this humorous approach could connect people to the dangers facing wildlife.

In 2015, the competition was officially judged, and soon after, co-founder and fellow photographer Tom Slim joined the team, followed a few years later by Michelle Wood.

The organization’s motto is “to share the enjoyment of nature and take time to appreciate its value,” and it accepts thousands of photos annually from hobbyists and professionals around the world.

It also has some categories like: Land – where you can enter up to three pictures of wildlife that live on land. Air – where you submit photos of flying creatures. Junior – which is a category for children; Portfolio – Choice of four, preferably attached photos; Underwater – a category for water-based creatures; And last but not least, a video clip section that provides a platform for those interested to submit animated video clips.

This year’s entry deadline is September 1, 2022, so get your cameras ready, folks.

If a contestant wins one of the categories, they will be awarded the title of “Award Winning Photographer” as well as a certificate. The overall winner will be announced as the “2022 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, have their photo(s) around the world, and receive a handmade trophy.

Other prizes include two complimentary photography bags from the sponsors and a week-long safari trip to Kenya for two.

Remember that our wildlife contributes more to our well-being than we think. Protecting your furry, feathered (or otherwise) friends and fighting off those who are actively trying to harm them is vital, as the species’ population has declined significantly. There are many ways to help, but start by educating yourself and those close to you.

With organizations like The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, people are able to better understand wildlife and learn about the world’s creatures and the challenges they are battling. The competition gives us the ability to connect with them through the camera and see that, in fact, they are just like us. Hope you enjoyed this fun collage of photos! Don’t forget that an animal’s life is no less valuable than our own.

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