The 2022 Emmys set a disappointing record

In recent years, the number of viewers at the Emmy Awards has continued to decline. Each of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 ceremonies ranked in descending order ahead of a slight surge in viewership for the 2021 program. There shouldn’t have been an upward trend as the 2022 Emmys broadcast suffered a double-digit drop from last year, with just 5.9 million people tuned in (via Term). This figure is not the final count for the TV show, as the amount of streaming from Peacock and additional DVR views have not yet been taken into account. The ceremony is usually held on a Sunday, but this year it was moved to a Monday so as not to interfere with NBC’s “Sunday Night Football”, which was also the case for the same network’s 2014 and 2018 awards.

The competition this year has been tough, with Monday Night Football airing on ABC at the same time. But many viewers simply chose to check out the winners without feeling the need to watch the three-hour event. Los Angeles Times summarizing that this award shows the free fall perfectly: “Social media has also reduced the viewing of the awards ceremony. Live coverage across multiple platforms reveals the winners, performance highlights, audience reactions, and what designer clothes are worn on the red carpet.” According to Emmy website, the annual program is currently under an eight-year agreement with four major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX). The 2023 event will air on FOX.

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