The 25 best moments of “King of the Hill” 25 years after the premiere

It’s been 25 years since we looked into Hill’s house and saw how it was done in Arlen, Texas.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we first met the Hill family from Arlen, Texas.

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king of the hill premiered on January 12, 1997. The show featured Hank Hill, a propane and propane supplies salesman; Peggy’s wife, a substitute teacher with imperturbable self-importance; and Bobby, a teenage boy who looks nothing like either of his parents.

Then we meet Hank’s other family, the guys from the alley.

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The relationship between Hank, Dale, Boomhauer and Bill is as bromance as everyone else. Four completely different men are tied by a common street, problems in their careers and relationships, nonsense that everyday life throws at them, and, of course, beer.

The show ended back in 2010, but thanks to streams and memes, it only became more popular.

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Now here are 25 points that will show you exactly why.


“This is my wallet, I don’t know you!”

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One of the most classic CAT Moments were in the season 6 premiere when Bobby attends a women’s self-defense class and takes what he learns there to use against his bullies, much to Hank’s utter horror.


Hank accidentally smoked weed.

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Unsurprisingly, a straight-forward shooter like Hank is up against the grass, but seeing where he’s going to deny it’s comedy gold.


“I’m a little worried that I’m a whore.”

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At the beginning CAT In the episode, Peggy enters Bobby’s bedroom to ask him what he knows about sex as she prepares to teach a sex educator as a substitute teacher. After saying he doesn’t know much, 11-year-old Bobby voices his concern.


“I am a proud, ignorant woman.”

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Hank and Peggy’s niece, Luan Platter, begins dating a local pork merchant. Peggy begs her to stop dating a man when Luan brags about the new word he taught her.


Dale throws sand in his pocket

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Fighting a man over a suitcase, Dale Gribble reveals his secret weapon.


Bobby has gout

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Hank is proud when he thinks Bobby has a peat toe until he discovers that he actually has gout. Bobby reveals that he secretly ate New York-style meat sandwiches and enjoys using a cane and riding a scooter.


– Can’t you see what I’m knitting?

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When Hank catches Bobby for smoking, he tries to teach him a lesson by forcing him to smoke a whole pack. He makes the mistake of lighting one, and before you know it, all three Hills are hiding their cigarettes from each other, leading to this hilarious moment.


When Peggy thought Dale and Nancy wanted to be swingers.

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While Nancy and Dale are rekindling their love, Dale misunderstands Hank’s proposal for another double date as an offer to have fun. Peggy later reveals this to Hank in her usual cocky manner.


Peggy and Dale Joint Venture

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Peggy takes over the bookstore and lets Dale sell firearms. They come up with a creative solution when the cops figure out their scheme.


Bobby introduces the propaniacs

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Against Hank’s wishes, Bobby uses his comedic skills while spending the summers working for Strickland Propane. He manages to get Hank involved in an idea that is interesting and great for a business.


Bobby is in the modeling business

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Bobby’s first foray into a husky store ended up working as a model.


John Redcorn takes Thanksgiving seriously

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John Redcorn is one of the show’s most underrated characters, and the Thanksgiving episodes remind us why. When he tells Bobby and Joseph the truth about Thanksgiving, he is not ready for how they will take it. To make matters worse, it goes against Hank’s idea of ​​Thanksgiving.


Hank discovers Bobby is good at shooting.

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Hank is thrilled to learn that Bobby is a skilled marksman and considers this to be the first thing that can bring them closer, even if he’s not that good.

Dale praises Bobby for shooting while SWAT targets him.

Dale is surrounded by SWAT after Bill calls the police, mistaking his pest equipment for a pistol. When he thinks offers will come, he advises them to let Bobby do it.


Hank meets Vidya games

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When Hank is forced to play a Grand Theft Auto-style video game at the behest of Buck Strickland, he is horrified by the violation of the law in the center of the game. He realizes that he can play the other way around and focus on good behavior, and quickly becomes addicted.


Peggy, Nancy and Dale hijack the news van

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When Nancy is fired because of a younger, less effective meteorologist, Nancy and Dale try to help her come up with a story to save her career. The entire episode is great, but this classic Deilism can’t go unnoticed.


Hank Hill was ready for this moment.

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In a classic Hank Hill moment, Hank needs a little WD-40 to lubricate his big WD-40.

Hank teaches Bobby how to fry steaks.

This brilliant image of Hank Hill is one of the best and most accurate moments in the series.


Hank Introduces Little Bobby to Steak

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This is one of the sweetest father-son moments in the show and reminds us all that Hank loves this boy even if that boy is wrong.


Bobby is dancing for Cotton

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Bobby dancing to this song is absolutely right, but the way Cotton, annoyed and furious with everyone else, happily stomps, shows how much he loves his grandson, and this is one of the best things about the guy who proudly killed the villains. …


Bobby shares his prayer with his family

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Hank is happy to see Bobby participate in a Bible study group, but it gets smaller when he realizes that it is full of Christian skate punks. Bobby’s new group clearly has an impact, as this prayer suggests.


Bobby Tries ADHD Medication

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Bobby is addicted to sugar at breakfast and gets into trouble due to his hyperactivity at school. After visiting the school nurse, he was misdiagnosed as ADHD and given medication that confuses him and everyone else.


Meeting Dale’s dad at the rodeo

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Dale’s father is ready to confess to him, but Dale does not quite understand what he is confessing.


When the Hills meet the large Dauterive family in New Orleans

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The Hills experienced culture shock, and then New Orleans, where they learned about Bill’s family and Bobby learned to dress fashionably.


Peggy’s foot modeling went wrong

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Peggy is shy about her big legs, but gains confidence when she does what she believes is leg modeling. She later finds her feet on a foot fetish site.

I would like to hear your beloved King of the hill Moments I missed, so don’t be silent in the comments!

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