The 49 people of the smallest faiths in this online group will stand by him, no matter what.

Our planet is home to billions of people with unique qualities and traits – and each of us has a different opinion.

Is it permissible to have breakfast at dinner? How important is a college education? Is social media creating a toxic culture or helping us stay connected? Is Shrek the best animated movie of all time? The list could go on, but you get the gist.

Some may argue that over-polling is somewhat scandalous – however, everyone understands life in their own way. Differing opinions promote debate – and debate is great, because you get to see the world from someone else’s point of view:

What’s the smallest, smallest hill you’ll still die on.? – This web user turned to one of Reddit’s most thought-provoking communities, wondering what seemingly inconsequential beliefs people are willing to defend, no matter what the cost. The thread has garnered over 14K upvotes in just a few days, as well as 14.5K worth of comments and interesting examples.

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If today is Monday, the coming week is considered “next week” not “this week”. “Next” will be two weeks from now.

fight me

such as distribution , Dando Mojica Reports

Adding an apostrophe S to the end of a word does not make it plural Adding ‘s’ to the end of a word does not make it plural.

I’ve seen it in commercials. I’ve seen it on cue. I’ve also seen it on a flyer advertising my services as a writer.

People walk around like it’s normal! Out in the street! By saying they have 14 chickens! Like monsters!

I will continue to die on this hill until my accumulated corpses turn it into a slightly larger hill.

TophatDapps , Andy Maguire Reports

When it's a child's birthday, only they blow out the candles. When it’s a kid’s birthday, he’s the only one who lights the candles! It makes me uneasy in my soul when I see others trying to blow up children. The only thing worse is when adults let them go.

Drew__Stupid , Deep Dwarf Reports

Do not talk with a mouth full of food. Do not talk with a mouth full of food.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to see partially chewed food in your mouth.

Chili Valley03 , AZ COF Reports

The way to waste a person's time is to steal the most valuable thing in their life. Being late, making others wait, or any other way of wasting someone else’s time, is stealing the most precious, irreversible, irreplaceable thing in their life.

Usual_destruction , Evan Reports

It's possible to see something on a grocery store shelf without blocking an entire aisle It’s possible to look at something on a grocery store shelf without blocking an entire aisle. Looking at you, a shopper at a certain Aldi this afternoon…

The tree cat , Virginia Retail Reports

When you're out of work and something goes wrong at work, it's not your responsibility to take care of it. When I get time off work and something goes wrong, no it’s not my responsibility to log back in and take care of it.

ironwheatiez , Mitch Berry Reports

Use the left lane to pass, and then switch back to the right lane. Use the left lane to pass and then Dagon back into the right lane. Grew up in Germany where it is enforced on the Autobahn. American left lane hogs drive me nuts, especially when they go five miles under the speed limit. What is it about?

elligator13 , Thank you (22.5 million+ views). Reports

All three accounts were withdrawn after the bank refused to reverse a $2 miscellaneous charge Bank of America charged me $2 for a miscellaneous charge in 1997. I called to ask what it was for because there was no reason. The lady on the phone said, well, I can’t tell you because it’s miscellaneous. I asked him to turn it over again and he refused.

I pulled all three of my accounts from them and transferred them to the credit union and since then, Full Stop has refused to have anything to do with this company.

Handbag_Lady , Marx Reports

Fish is meat. Fish is meat.

I had a friend who wouldn’t let it go and argued that it wasn’t and that it was ‘just fish’ so much so that it became a running joke.

Undead-loyal , stu_spivack Reports

Scrolling through Tiktok with the volume up in public Scrolling through TikTok/Reels/whatever with your volume up in public or semi-public places (transit, waiting rooms, restaurants).

Technocraft , Nordskoff Media Reports

Let people off the subway before they get on you. That you need to get people off the f*****g subway before they get on the subway. My boy, you will go ahead – let me go first!

croix_v , Paul Robertson Reports

Don't shake through a 4-way stop to be nice, just take your turn. Don’t wave me through a 4-way stop to “be nice”, just take your turn.

Audra A 444 , Gentos Reports

An apology should be used when you are genuinely sorry. An apology should be used when you are genuinely sorry, not as an apology. Nor should forgiveness be expected from him.

Edit: Being a Canadian, I’ll admit I use “sorry” several times a day, but trust me; I’m sorry to be in your way.

Mathrat , door Reports

Don't ask questions you already know the answers to. Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. “Are you crying?” no sharon my eyes are just sweating, that’s why i look so upset.

Anger , Karolina Grabowska Reports

Always clean the timer on the microwave. If you clear the timer before opening the microwave, the next person doesn’t have to figure out why it’s not starting.

Bribros , CJ Sorg Reports

12 62f49cd5c11a2 700 Many people, movies and TV shows misuse the phrase “divide and conquer”.

This does not mean “split up and attack on multiple fronts,” which is a terrible idea for large-scale military strategy.

It means dividing your enemy and conquering them one by one.

Bjorn , Hans Splinter Reports

Squeeze the air out of the Ziploc bag before placing it in the refrigerator. Before placing the Ziploc bag in the refrigerator or freezer, squeeze the air out of the bag. I don’t know why my wife doesn’t, and one day I will have to choose.

Janbakosta , Michelle Reports

Sidewalk and hallway traffic should behave like road traffic. Sidewalk and hallway traffic should behave like road traffic. Stick to the edge of the sidewalk or hallway, depending on the direction you’re going. I won’t go out of my way for you if you’re headed in the wrong direction.

simongurfinkel , Marhiata Reports

This is a PIN, not a PIN number. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

Like it’s an ATM, not an ATM machine.

Albany_Tea Reports

Cereal then milk. What kind of idolaters would do the opposite.

1980 pzx Reports

Saying “careless,” despite the fact that it’s in the dictionary (albeit, as a “nonstandard”), makes you look and sound like an idiot.

“Regardless” works. It means “careless”. So adding the prefix “ir-” is redundant.

Aqua Syrup Reports

Abbreviated band names I can’t abbreviate every movie/game title or band/artist name these days. What is TLAT? SWTROS? When you say BTS, are you talking about the musical group or something behind the scenes? It’s like learning a new language.

fool , bts.bighitofficial Reports

In the business of hanging someone with a rope around their neck until they die, that’s “hanging,” not “hanging.”

suicide sauce , seabamirum Reports

Rudolph is not a core member of Santa’s reindeer team. The song specifically says “Then a misty Christmas eve…Rudolph with your nose so bright, Won’t you lead my sleigh tonight.”

Why would Santa risk being seen with a red nose light if he didn’t have to? Rudolph is like your car’s headlights, you only need them when you need them.

C3-RIO Reports

“Begs the question” does not mean “raises the question” or “raises the question”, although recently it has often been used that way.

This is a specific term for a logical fallacy (basically, circular reasoning) — because instead of arguing the question, you’re begging it to be admitted. “You’re begging the question,” meaning you’re trying to prove the same point as an argument to prove it.

Edit: Guys, I get it. “raises the question,” is now a common usage, the language is defined by usage, it is not prescriptive, and so on. Please, let me refer you to the title of this thread and ask you why you didn’t *expect* less? Pedantry If we can still be angry about ‘uncaring’, we can still be angry about it.

badass_panda Reports

Mom was wrong when she said prom dates shouldn't wear black and red together My mom was wrong when she said my prom date shouldn’t wear black and red together because those colors look garish.

Edit: For those of you trying to picture it. The dress was of black lace, and very short. My date wore bright red lipstick and pumps.

always_human , Franklin Park Library Reports

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