The absurd reason for the cancellation of a classic superhero series

Marvel and DC are the big boys in the comic book game, and they’ve walked toe-to-toe on the big screen, small screen, and on the pages for years. Because of this, comic book fans are spoiled for choice, as everyone will find their own taste.

DC’s history on television is truly special, and they have endowed fans with classic offerings that have paved the way for other shows.

Sadly, one of DC’s best deals was canceled due to an outrageous mistake that no one expected.


DC has a long history in television

DC Comics, as one of the largest comic book publishers on the planet, hardly needs an introduction. They’ve done it all in the pages, and while they’ve crushed their offerings on the big screen, DC has also enjoyed massive television success over the years.

As you browse through some of their most popular TV hits, you’ll discover a surprising number of shows that have changed the game in many ways. Whether it’s live-action or the animation department, DC television’s history is truly outstanding, which is why people keep on hype when a new DC show is announced.

The steady success of the Arrowverse in recent years shows that the franchise’s TV game still has a lot to do. Throw on a hit Harley quinn on HBO, and it’s clear that DC is more than just a standout Marvel competition.

During the 60s, DC paved the way for some of the best superhero shows ever made.

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“Batman” by Adam West was a huge hit

Back in 1966 Batman debuted on the small screen, and despite the series only existed for three seasons, has managed to become a cult work in the history of television. Starring Adam West as The Dark Knight, Batman was a show not to be missed that set the tone for the character for years to come.

In 120 episodes of the campy and over-the-top series, Batman and Robin battled the biggest villains Batman had at the time. It was the 1960s, so many famous villains, including Harley Quinn, didn’t even exist yet. Despite this, fans still got to see how Batman intertwined with the Joker, Penguin and many others.

In the midst of the popularity of The West Show talked about playing Batmansaying, “Playing Batman is a challenge for an actor. Everything is different at first; then you need to reach a multi-level audience. Kids get it straight, but for adults we have to project it further … When Batman was a comic, it was not a camp, but a show.

Adam West set the bar for all the other actors playing the Dark Knight and helped the show leave an amazing legacy.

As we mentioned, the show only lasted three seasons, but some may not know that the fourth season was canceled due to an accident.

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Destroyed scenery completed the show

So why was Batman canceled so many years ago? Well, the ratings and the content of the show itself certainly played a role in bringing the show to a close on the small screen.

How Quora The user wrote: “The show has turned into a parody of a parody. It was getting harder and harder to come up with storylines. The network executives only gave it a third season because Batgirl was introduced to the storyline. Instead of two half-hour episodes a week, it dropped to one, and the kits became cheaper, all for the sake of economy. “

However, something much more bizarre happened, which officially ended the cult show.

“Because by the third season, the ratings started to fall. NBC offered to buy the series to keep it alive, but it was discovered that someone had destroyed Batman’s set – Stateley Wayne Manor, Batcave, Commissioner’s Office, etc. – and would have required hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess of the show’s original price to rebuild. , which in 1967 was simply unthinkable to spend, ”summed up another user.

That’s right, the destroyed sets eventually sank Batman on the small screen. NBC saw a great opportunity to continue the show by breathing new life into it, but a filming miss ruined any chance of it happening.

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Something like this is happening these days, it seems almost impossible, but then everything was different. For fans who would like to see things continue with Adam West’s version of The Cloaked Crusader, there have been some awesome spin-offs and sequels released.

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