The age of the Stranger Things stars compared to their characters

While we’re all engrossed in the second volume of Season 4, it looks like fans missed out on an important plot twist in the finale.

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The fans were all looking forward to the next part of the series, but in the finale there was an unexpected incident that has so far gone unnoticed …

It’s safe to say that the season 3 finale made us all to ask questions. But at the end of the last episode, we saw the Byers family leave Hawkins (can you blame
them?), along with Eleven, which Joyce took over after Hopper’s heartbreaking “death”.

Creators disclosed in the last episodes of the season there will be a “body count” …

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But, as soon as we wiped away the tears, they acted out a scene during the credits, which completely put an end to work …

And left us all even more questions that desperately needed an answer.

And luckily, the first part of the fourth season did just that, and then some others!

But we all hung on the edge of our seats for the next part. Are our favorite characters safe, can Eleven defeat Vecna, and will we see Steve Harrington’s gorgeous chest hair for a second time?

Producer Shawn Levy previously shared that the final season should impress as they were even more “ambitious” this time around with the script…

“I’ll just say we’ve been long overdue and the Duffers and I want to share season 4 with the world as much as the world wants,” Levy said. Hollywood Reporter.

“Part of what takes time is because long before Covid and the pandemic hit, Season 4 was created to be the most ambitious, cinematic, massive and epic season we’ve ever made.

“Not just a little, a lot. So the complexity of Season 4, even before we have the hurdles, hurdles and challenges of the pandemic, takes a long time because it’s worth the wait.”

And volume 2 has already become “einteresting and scary…

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As we already said goodbye to some of our favorite characters – those we noticed.

But while we dry our tears, let’s dive into the cast and how it’s changed since the beginning of Season 1, which premiered back in 2016.

When the stars first started acting on the show, they were all just entering their teenage years, which is quite consistent with the age of their characters. But now they are 17-20 years old, and they are still playing fourteen-year-olds.

And fans have been quite vocal about this fact on social media…

One twitter user wrote: “very strange things is officially at the point where I can’t tell the age of any of the child characters. They all look 16 and/or 26 depending on the shot.”

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Other wrote: “These children in weird things so old they now have crow’s feet.”

“Hey, very strange things the kids look old, lmao,” third repeated.

Currently Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is 18 years old, Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) is 17 years old, Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) is 19 years old, Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Charles Sinclair) is 20 years old, Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield) is 20 years old, and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) 19 years old.

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As for the older members of the group, Natalia Dyer is 25 and Nancy Wheeler is 18. Jonathan Byers, played by Charlie Heaton, is about the same age despite being 28 in real life. And Joe Keery turned 30 in April, but Steve Harrington is only 19. Then there’s Eddie Munson, played by 30-year-old Joseph Quinn, who plays a 20-year-old.

Speaking about the difference in the age of the characters, the actors gave an interview TodayMatarazzo (Dustin) said, “It’s something we always think about, but I think it’s something we’re pretty good at.

“The characters are in transition in their lives…it’s crazy to see what we all looked like when we first started.”

Schnapp (Will Byers) added, “I remember in Season 2 they told me to lower my voice, speak at a different level and stand lower, I was like, ‘I can’t do this, I’m not like that anymore.’

The second volume was released on July 1st.

And now it looks like fans missed out on the big death in the finale…

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While we were expecting to see some characters die, fans were completely shocked when they learned that Jason’s character was actually killed off in the finale.

Yes, it’s true… It wasn’t until the fans saw him fight Lucas for the last time at Creel’s house that they noticed that he had been killed.

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Fans didn’t expect Jason’s character to fall victim to Vecna’s evil actions, but they didn’t notice!

Unfortunately Jason got “torn in twoAnd broke up between the gates …

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We later learn that Jason was one of the residents of Hawkins who went missing as a result of Vecna’s actions.

It will be interesting to see what the villain has planned for Hawkins, but it will all be revealed in Season 5!

Are you excited?

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