The amazing Beatles member with the biggest solo album ever

The Beatles, undisputedly the greatest band in history, have performed covers for decades. Fans know a lot about the group, including little-known facts such as their attempt to Lord of the Rings the film, their expulsion from the country and even the facts about their lyrics. To put it simply, no artist has been analyzed as much as The Beatles.

What isn’t much talked about is that they were solo performers. Each member has achieved success on their own, and some have even created classics. Despite having sold millions of albums individually, only one member of the group gets the perpetual bragging rights that he has the largest solo album in the group.


Let’s take a look at The Beatles and the member with the biggest solo album ever.

The Beatles are the greatest band of all time

In the history of rock music, there has simply never been another group as large and influential as The Beatles. The Magnificent Four debuted back in the 1960s, and during their joint work they were able to conquer the world of pop culture and completely change the music industry with their music and a number of other technical advances.

The group, consisting of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, were a force majeure during their life together. Yes, there were a lot of great bands before and after The Beatles, but to this day, no band has made the same impact as the Liverpool guys.

Even in the streaming era that we now live in, the band still owns some of the most impressive records in music history, which is incredible when you consider that these records are worth decades.

In the end, the group made it to the finish line together, devastating the fans and opening up incredible songwriting opportunities for each member.

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They all had solo success.

After the group broke up, each member went on to release solo music. Needless to say, longtime fans of the group were incredibly excited to hear each member go about their business. As crushed as the fans were at the group’s disbandment, there was a sense of relief that each member would bring something new.

As fans have seen, each member of the group has been able to prove themselves in their solo endeavors, and all four members of The Beatles have achieved immense solo success. This usually happened simply by creating your own music, but in some cases, as is the case with Wings and Wilbury Traveling, the participants ended up in different groups, which also achieved success.

Despite the huge solo success each member has achieved, the truth is that none of them have been able to recreate the same magic they had when they recorded the Beatles records. Nevertheless, a solo success for the guys was inevitable, but only one member of the Beatles can claim the title of the group’s largest solo album.

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George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” – The Beatles’ Biggest Solo Album

It may surprise some that George Harrison is the Beatles’ biggest solo album ever. Harrison’s great job, Everything must pass, was a powerful album that launched the former Beatles guitarist’s truly impressive solo career.

The huge album, which included about 30 tracks, became a masterpiece created by a talented songwriter. By the end of their life together, Harrison had developed into one of the best songwriters in the group, and some of the tracks that appeared on this album were actually introduced by Harrison to the members of the group. Their decision to transfer some of these songs eventually Everything must pass even better album.

Considered to be perhaps the best Beatles solo album to date, it has received many accolades. It is often referred to as one of the greatest albums of all time and has even been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Thanks to certification 6x Platinum from the RIAA in the United States, Harrison, known as The Quiet Beatles, lays claim to being the most successful Beatles solo album in history.

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Although Harrison has had great success since the release of this album, he has never been able to reach the same heights again. At the same time, what he was able to achieve with the help Everything must pass amazing.

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