The Bachelors 2022: Abby Chatfield criticizes show’s lack of diversity

Tan decided to rewatch The Bachelor this season, but fans, including Abby Chatfield, pointed out a glaring problem.

It was described as a “world first”, but Ten’s big “Bachelor” announcement didn’t exactly set viewers in a frenzy, with many taking to social media to slam the new casting’s lack of variety.

It was revealed on Project Monday night that this year’s edition of the dating reality show will feature three bachelors who compete to find their soul mate.

Professional basketball player Felix von Hofe, personal trainer Thomas Malucelli and drummer Jed McIntosh will be looking for love in a new series filmed on the Gold Coast.

“We are so excited. We are doing this for the first time in the world. No one in the world has ever had three bachelors, and so the way it works, the way everyone gets to know each other, is very different this year.” Bachelor told host Osher Gunsberg Project panel.

“It was already exciting. We’ve been walking for a while now, and it just electrifies what we see. We not only go to the head office to say if we can have three bachelors, we want to do it without candles and without garlands, this is a meeting that we had to go through.

But the radical new format is unlikely to have generated a wave of enthusiasm.

Led by a group of indifferent voices, a radio host and former Bachelor contestant Abby Chatfield, who pointed out the lack of diversity.

“My question is, why isn’t there a single person of color? I hope at least one of the (bachelors) is bisexual, I don’t know. Why are they all white? Why is there a 25 year old? What’s going on here? It’s too young,” she complained during her Hit Network show. Hot nights with Abbyon Monday night.

There was a very similar sentiment on Twitter:

Meanwhile, the show’s official Instagram had the same story.

Here is a snapshot:

“White male. White male. White male. Diversity is the next level!”

“Three white men. Innovative”.

“Three bachelors and still not a colored man? Really?”

“Those are three different brands of the same taste.”

“How could you not think that people wouldn’t care if there wasn’t one POC in three?”

Another major takeaway from dozens of fans was the uncanny resemblance between Jed McIntosh and global star Machine Gun Kelly, who has been dominating headlines in recent weeks thanks to his endless red carpet PDA with fiancée Megan Fox.

“Wow im so impressed they got MGK this season,” one follower wrote, while another added: “When did they talk MGK into signing for Aussie football? Bach?

Viewers have been moving away from the franchise in recent years, with the 2021 season finale airing with the lowest viewership ever.

Jimmy Nicholson’s quest for love came to an end when the pilot opted for Holly Kingston’s Brook Keel.

A total of 629,000 viewers tuned in to announce the final winner, up from 879,000 for the show’s seventh season in 2020.

The fall was even steeper compared to the show’s first seven seasons, which drew over a million viewers in the last minutes of the finale.

most successful Bachelor the final was in 2015, when almost 1.5 million people tuned in to watch Sam Wood choose his now wife, Snezhana Wood.

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