The Best Beauty Looks Of The Met Gala 2021

this year. Met Gala. Is a bit unconventional. With the 2020 event canceled and this year’s festival postponed its normal date in May to meet the end. New York Fashion Week., Many of its high profile guests will feel warm and extra excited.

The charity event, which raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is unlike any other red carpet. Golden Globes. Or گرامی Which precedes the film or music award. Instead, the Met Gala is a shameless celebration. Fashion – It’s the equivalent of fashion. Oscar. Surprisingly the focus is entirely on outfits, Hair And make up And getups are notoriously extra.

Syria’s previous themes include notes on religion, camp, and technology, but this year’s theme is “In America: A Fashion on Election”, a patriotic celebration of American fashion. Guests will interpret it differently, so expect to see everything from star-studded gowns to vintage American designer tailoring.

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As BeautyWe are calling it. The Statue of Liberty is bound to appear somewhere, so we expect it to increase. Hair accessories And loose. Similarly, we assume that the mix will have some cowgirl tops. For makeup, we’re guessing that red lips and blue eye shadow will refer to stars and stripes as well as flags.

Most of all, expect some seriously incredible Lux service. Over the years, the beauty of old-school aesthetics at the Met Gala (such as Christy Trillington’s 1992 approval of Holly Goletley, and Level Tyler’s beautiful pixie cut in 1998), has spread to provocative acts of expression. -Tamed Feather Mohawk, Lupita Nyungyu’s Gravity Update Techno Sculpture in 2016 and Lady Gaga’s Stunning Mile-Long Gold Shine for 2019 Camp Bonanza.

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So at the Matt Gala 2021, some of the great ol ‘designer cowboy boots are filling up. Here is the best view from the night …

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