The Best Curly & Afro Hair Leave-In Conditioners

It’s been a year and a half since I made the epic decision to have my chemically straightened hair shaved to resume the journey of growing and returning to love with my natural, thick, type 4b / 4c. Afro Ball. As a kid, I used to have incredibly thick, charcoal traces in a row of different styles that would pay homage to my West African background. From complicated Cornro Wrapping my hair in a black thread as a tribute to my troubled background, my Afro hair was my crown and joy.

However, in my early twenties, I decided to chemically straighten my hair because I get a lot of care, especially on weekdays when I have to rush to work. Any naturalist will know that – without proper information – styling Afro hair can take ages if you are not sure which products to use, and in what order to use them.

Straightening your hair felt like a temporary relief. I never had to struggle to comb my hair again, or spray my hair every two hours to retain moisture. With my new straight hair, I can just put it in the ponytail and walk my way. There was a price to pay – as we all know – hair loss became a problem.

Hair breakage occurs when the hair follicle’s protein bonds are constantly exposed to protein and there is not enough moisture as a result of over-processing of Afro hair. In addition, I started to miss my natural hair and it prompted me to ask difficult questions about myself as to why I straightened my hair first.

Yes, straight hair was very easy to handle, but working in the corporate field at the time made me feel incredibly insecure about my afro and all my white colleagues called it ‘unsafe’, ‘wild’ And will be seen as ‘non-professional’. And touching, let’s not forget the unwanted touch!

And so in the beginning of epidemics, I made it my mission to start from scratch, and to learn to take care of my natural horoscopes and to take proper care of them, to pay attention to them and to love them. I learned to look at my hair again as my crown, and will laugh with excitement when I see that the first few strands of hair have begun to form days after shaving everything.

For me, an important product that I have come to rely on on a daily basis. Except me Conditioner From wavy to curly, to tightly tied hair, lap-in conditioners are essential for any lifestyle as their primary function is to provide moisture to your hair from the inside out, and to facilitate styling and detangling curls. I have to help Not only do they define my curls and keep them bouncing and shiny, but these days where I just want to wear my wig and go about my day, I know my natural hair down is hydrated and nice Keeping moisture.

During my natural hair journey over the past 18 months, I’ve tried at least 30 different types of leave-in conditioners, from sprats to heavy creams. These are my top picks that work for people who are wavy with curly hair and from thin to curly and thick.

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