The best joke in every season of “Seinfeld”

Season 7 “The Invitation” is the culmination of a season-long celebrity joke in which George suddenly decides to become a mature adult in the season premiere “The Engagement” and immediately ruins his life by proposing to an ex-girlfriend. , Susan, a woman he actively dislikes. George’s animosity towards the relatively unsuspecting Susan grows over the course of the season, leading him to become more and more desperate to end the relationship. Finally, in “Invitations,” they go to buy envelopes for wedding invitations, and when the salesman hands them a folder, noting that the cheapest ones are at the end, he unceremoniously flips the book down to the very last pages.

Susan reluctantly accepts the cheap invitations, but the glue they’re made of turns out to be poisonous, eventually leading to her untimely demise. At the hospital, George reacts to the news of Susan’s death with a stunning “A”. He later returns to his shenanigans, immediately calling the exes to see if they are interested in dating him, including Marisa Tomei, who punched him in the eye during their last meeting in the Cadillac.

Ending the season with Marisa Tomei hanging up on George is a masterstroke, but Susan’s line remains top-notch until the very end. For example, when George asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement in hopes of hurting her enough to break up with him, she laughs out loud and agrees. Rest in peace, Susan. You were real.

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