The best moment in the career of Aldis Hodge from “Black Adam” is associated with a fight with Dwayne Johnson

Aldis Hodge attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to talk about Black Adam and how much the role means to him. However, he was once just a guy who couldn’t get the idea of ​​actually being offered a job, which eventually led to a hilarious exchange between him and Dwayne Johnson.

In an audio recording obtained by Jacob Hall from sister site Static Media/Film, Hodge revealed that he thought someone was playing a prank when Johnson called to welcome him to the DC family. “I must have almost lost my job because [Dwayne Johnson] called me to let me know I had a job and I didn’t believe it was happening. So I almost hung up the phone.”

However, the conversation did not get the PG rating that Hodge presented it during the SDCC panel discussion. Johnson gave a different version of events in which his co-star told him to “Fuck off”. However, Hodge had every reason to doubt, since he received a call from Johnson around the same time that someone was “hacking [his] things.”

Luckily, Johnson was able to convince Hodge that the challenge was legitimate and the rest is history. The Hawkman actor concluded by saying that this conversation is one of the highlights of his career and he is looking forward to being part of the DC Universe as it moves forward.

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