The Best of Kenny in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 According to Dallas Dupree Young

In an interview with Diversity, Dallas Dupree Young said, “The best thing about my character in season 5 is that you still see that kid in him sometimes. And you really see that he is a fierce competitor and leader all the time. You see that hope in him and see the fight.” As the season progresses, he approaches the peak of his Darth Vader arc, growing stronger but still struggling with the conflicting influences of his many mentors.

Kenny leads the students’ run from Cobra Kai after Sensei Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is exposed for orchestrating a fight and knocked unconscious by Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), but after that, he refuses a moment of hugs and reconciliation with Robbie. This still leaves Kenny with many options for further development, from a complete return to innocence to an ascension to the status of the Bad Boy from the main series.

While it’s safe to say he won’t end up wearing a respirator helmet or being voiced by James Earl Jones, Young acknowledges and appreciates the struggle that still rages inside his Cobra Kai character. I feel really bad because there are times when Kenny goes too far and does too much,” he told Variety. “It’s hard because you know that Kenny is a really good kid.”

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