The big question we still have about Aang’s origin in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Given the show’s lack of cloning technology or other means of virgin birth, it’s almost 100% certain that Aang had a biological mother and father – they may not have been related mother and father. Aang is a member of the Air Nomads, a community of monks who lived in the four Air Temples (north, south, east, and west). As Screenshot notes that “Avatar” and its sequels were inspired by various historical cultures of the Asian continent.

The air nomads were primarily inspired by Tibetan monks, who actually took a vow of celibacy upon joining a religion (through Learn Religions). This creates some mystery for the show and how its rules work. While the Air Nomads appear to be chaste on the surface, the ultimate answer is far more complex and rooted in the series’ mystical lore – the only way Aang could have gained his amazing, terrifying powers was through his biological parents.

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