The Big Secret Queen Elizabeth II Kept While Filming the James Bond 2012 Olympics Opening

For those who remember watching the short, it was no doubt surprising to see the little-known Queen Elizabeth II take part in a mini-movie with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Up to this point, the Queen has only been known through images, news footage and rare documentaries. Though she retained that mysterious air in Happy and Glorious, the helicopter jump into London’s Olympic Stadium was a master class in sassy British humor. It’s no surprise that after seeing their monarch in such a comedic guise, the British called the clip one of the best moments in British television history (according to Hollywood Reporter).

Those working on the film spoke to the BBC in a tenth anniversary retrospective (via Wrapper). Sam Hunter, stage director, said: “The Queen never told her family she was doing this. It was one of the conditions that she agreed to be a part of it. her place, you can see her family exclaim, “Ah, honey.” Executive producer Stephen Daldry also shared that they even had to keep Prime Minister David Cameron’s cabinet members in the dark in order to maintain the secrecy she asked for. He added: “The hardest part was that you didn’t really want to say much to the cabinet because you didn’t know how safe they were.”

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