The Biggest Differences Between Shows and Movies

Wednesday Addams may have a sadistic streak, but it also has a creative side. In the Addams Family movies, Wednesday’s hobbies mostly involve acts of torturing her brother Pugsley (Jimmy Workman), and in Addams Family Values, baby Pubert. She can also have quite a creative imagination: electr*cution, a crossbow, and a guillotine are just some of the methods she uses to inflict suffering on others. After all, it takes an inventive mind to shake things up in a torture chamber.


In “Wednesday” on Netflix, not having access to her home tools from home, she instead uses her typewriter as a creative outlet. She tells her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) that she devotes an hour every day to writing her novel. We see her working hard on this throughout the series, with hints that the characters and plot are inspired by her own real-life m*rder investigation.

In a court-ordered therapy session for Wednesday, Dr. Valerie Kinbott (Ricky Lindom) asks Wednesday about her aspirations to be a writer. We learn that Wednesday actually wrote three novels starring a teenage detective named Viper de la Muerte. Wednesday describes Viper as “intelligent, insightful and constantly misunderstood”. Looks like someone we know. Unfortunately, she cannot publish her work. When an editor insults her work by calling it “unreasonably painful”, Wednesday sends her a box of mousetraps in response. As the saying goes, no one likes critics… or, in this case, Wednesday doesn’t like critics. Maybe other people think differently? Who can say?

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