The Biggest ‘The Walking Dead’ Villain You’ve Probably Forgot Appeared in ‘Shameless’

In the final episode of season 4 called “Lazarus”. Viewers of Shameless are introduced to Charlie Peters: the owner of the Golden House restaurant (later renamed Patsy’s Pies), who was previously treated for alcohol addiction. After going through such an experience, he tends to hire those in recovery, so he quickly offers Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) a job after she is released from prison. The actor tasked with bringing the character to life is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who fans of The Walking Dead are likely to recognize as former Savior leader and wielder of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, Negan Smith.

With such a high-profile actor playing the character, one would imagine Charlie Peters becoming a key player in Shameless in season 5 and beyond. However, this did not happen, as Peters and Morgan were never seen again after Lazarus. According to The Walking Dead star in an Instagram exchange (via Reddit), scheduling conflicts cut his “Shameless”. “I was in Mexico filming Texas Rising and we just couldn’t get my schedule together to go back and shoot the movie,” Morgan said. He also appeared to be very disappointed with the result, adding, “It was a bummer because I’m a huge Shameless fan and love that cast and John Wells.”

Now that Shameless is over, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Jeffrey Dean Morgan spend more screen time as Charlie Peters. He had plans for this, but fate clearly had other plans.

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