The biggest unanswered questions from Shameless

Although he grew up in the slums of Chicago’s South Side, the second-oldest Gallagher brother appears to have a bright future: he’s getting A’s and a full scholarship to Chicago Polytechnic Institute. Returning to the first season, Lip’s irresponsible magnificence is in the spotlight. You will usually find that he is using his gift for completely the wrong reasons. Only in the third season, he agrees to enter higher educational institutions. College doesn’t go smoothly for Lip, and unfortunately he hits a new low in season 6 due to his developing alcohol addiction. After some time in rehab, a series of unpleasant events causes Lip to sink even further into his addiction.

By season 8, his intelligence becomes a relic of the past. Maybe the alcohol had taken a toll on his brain, or maybe the grief of losing his mentor, Ewens, was too much to handle. However, the way he leads his life from season 8 to the end of the show is far from the genius we knew before. Lip is not mentioned again due to his intelligence. Rather, he is associated solely with his addiction and problems with women. College completion is out of the question and never mentioned again. Of course, Lip has always made the wrong choice, but it’s his final decision that makes you realize just how far his intelligence has fallen. Refusing to accept the $200,000 offer of the Gallagher house, Lip misses the opportunity and ultimately settles for $75,000. A huge mistake that Lip would never have made in the first season.

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