The Biggest Unanswered Questions in Cobra Kai Season 5

Terry’s reign of terror leaves many broken pieces to pick up. One of his victims is former Cobra fighter Kai Mike Barnes. Daniel visits Mike, believing that Terry is going to recruit his former student in the fight against Daniel and Johnny. After a brief misunderstanding, Daniel learns that Mike has left Kai’s Cobra behind and is now a family man running a furniture store. Mike lives a full and happy life. However, during a conversation with Daniel, he reveals information that could jeopardize Terry’s future with Cobra Kai. Terry retaliates by burning down Mike’s furniture store.

In the final episodes of the season, Mike becomes furious over the loss of his business. Mike goes to Terry’s house to beat him to a pulp. Johnny and Chozen join him, but things don’t go as they expected as Terry has a lot of muscle in reserve. In the end, Mike, Johnny, and Chozen survive the fight, but with more bruises, cuts, and blood to show their efforts.

Let’s hope Mike wasn’t just a means to an end for the writers. The police don’t go into details of the crimes Terry is accused of, but arson must be one of them. Next, Daniel promises to help Mike get back on his feet. Maybe Mike will join Daniel at the dealership. Anything is possible and we can only hope that Mike has a better future ahead of him.

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