The Black List Announces Feature Lab Participants & Mentors –

The Blacklist has finalized the names of six writers who will be part of its 2022 Feature Lab and participate in a hybrid workshop that includes in-person virtual sessions culminating over a weekend in Los Angeles. shall be.

Each writer will workshop a screenplay through peer groups and have one-on-one sessions with working professional screenwriting mentors, including Kiwi Smith (Legally blonde), David Rabinowitz (The Black ClansmenJonathan Stokes (El Gringo), Natalie Krinsky (Gallery of broken hearts), Phil He (Invitation), Guinevere Turner (American Psycho), Michael Mitnick (The present war), and Scott Myers of Go Into the Story.

The Blacklist has also selected a fellow for the first ever Blacklist Musical Film Fellowship. Fellows will receive mentorship from professional screenwriting teachers with expertise in the world of music.

Here are the 2022 Feature Lab participants and their plans:

Silicon Valley Girl By Yoon Jin Lee

A young female intern competes for a full-time job offer at a top Silicon Valley tech company. She decides to take extreme measures when another female programmer threatens her chances.

Yoon Jin Lee is a Korean-American writer of female-centered suspense thrillers in tech. Yoon-Jin draws on her experience of moving between worlds, including first- and second-generation American dynamics, Asian and American identities, female identities in male-dominated environments, and Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Includes technical and artistic personalities.

The quiet type By Justin Geldzahler

An orphan hired to avenge his parents’ murder, a silent bounty hunter barrels into the mysteries of white supremacy and land-grabbing conspiracies only to face one very difficult question—what strong silent type? Can learn to communicate?

Justin Geldzahler is a writer and filmmaker from Virginia based in New York City who currently works as a consultant for HBO. Succession. He recently wrote, directed and produced his first feature, a horror/cringe comedy. Glow trapand would love to pay to make the next movie.

The sky we see. By Ali Imran Zaidi

On an overnight train through the rural Pacific Northwest, a newlywed couple returning home to feuding families is caught in a bloody high-wire conflict – where they must choose a side to survive.

Ali Imran Zaidi is an LA-based thriller, sci-fi, crime and all-history writer and Florida escapee living on three continents. A 2022 fellow in Riz Ahmed’s Pillars Fund Artist Fellowship sponsored by Amazon and Netflix, he is currently writing an original narrative audio series with Hillman Grad Productions, with Janina Gwankar and Hasan Minhaj producing and directing. Attached to the star.

White teeth By Cody Pierce

A pregnant great white shark makes a perilous journey across the ocean to give birth, while the expectant mother uses shark fishing to pay off her gambling debts. Jaws Gets Uncut gems.

Cody Pierce is an LA-based screenwriter specializing in genre features, mostly horror, science fiction and action/adventure. He has worked as a park ranger, producer of online educational content and currently works at Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

Forty-eight steps By Amy Huckabe

Kali, the black sheep of his family, appears ready to try his hand at his father’s wedding. Things get complicated when she makes contact with a mysterious man in the bathroom, only to discover that he is her soon-to-be half-brother, Nate.

Amy Huckabe is a writer, director, comedian, and trained dramatic actress who realized she was funny and hasn’t looked back since. She is dedicated to telling women-centric stories where the characters don’t have to be likable, they just have to be real.

Chicken kills – Nadia Usman

Based on true events, a dysfunctional Armenian family escapes the Lebanese civil war and opens a chain of successful rotisserie chicken restaurants in Los Angeles, only to see ambition, greed, and ethnic trauma tear the family apart. Daya, which led to betrayal, revenge and murder. .

Nadia Osman recently wrote animated episodes produced for Netflix and additional literary works for BET, as well as writes and performs at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles where her work has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Bustle, and more. was done. Chicken Murders Script Pipeline was a finalist this year, while its pilot and web series upset Was a Vimeo staff pick, praised by Vulture, and placed at Sundance Labs and AFF.

The 2022 musical film Philo and his project are:

NO TE FORVIDES By Nerris Nevarez-Nassiri

When a timid Chicana takes her dying grandmother back to her native Mexican village, the two get more than they bargained for as they each begin an unusual romance that reveals long-held secrets. will

Nerris Nevarez-Nassiri is a first-generation Mexican-MENA filmmaker and musician, and a proud UCLA film and TV grad. His mixed-race upbringing leads him to write coming-of-age and fish-out musicals.

Submissions for the 2023 Feature Lab are now open with more details. Blacklist website.

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