The Blue Bloods Character You Probably Forgot Ivory Aquino From Batgirl

In the 11th episode of the 11th season of Blue Bloods (Guardian Angels), a transgender woman is found murdered in a trash can. Detectives Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) investigate a crime that leads them to the victim’s girlfriend Ashley Roberts, played by Batgirl actress Ivory Aquino. Ashley Roberts doesn’t believe police officers care about transgender people and demands that detectives find out who committed this act of hate so it doesn’t happen again. She aids them in their efforts, going as far as going undercover to catch the criminal. Roberts is nearly strangled when the police intervene and arrest the killer, preventing him from killing anyone else.

Aquino learned a lot from her experience working on Blue Bloods and other projects such as When We Rise. Whether it’s a civilian going undercover to catch a killer or a trans activist looking to change the system, the actress isn’t afraid to take on intimidating and ambitious roles. She spoke to Behind the scenes in 2020 on the importance of preparation and how it can best help actors on set. “As actors, I feel like you are ready when you have done your research. You have the choices you have made for the stage, and armed with these things, you feel more secure. [in your character]”Aquino said.

Her efforts have led to some noteworthy performances, and her unfortunate fans may never see her in Batgirl. Luckily, they can still enjoy her future projects and relive all of her impressive accomplishments.

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