The boy meets the 7 best and 7 worst episodes of the world

Rating 8.9 on IMDb, “The Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2” is a fan-favorite episode of Corey’s struggles with Topanga’s absence. It seems to him that he is the only one who is making some effort for their new relationship at a distance. So, when Alan Matthews (William Russ) offers to take his son to Pittsburgh for the weekend, a hurt Corey refuses, convinced that Topanga might not even want To see him. A real surprise awaits them all when Topanga, who has run away from her parents, shows up on the doorstep that night, drenched in the rain.

Erin Strecker of Entertainment Weekly believes that both parts of The Long Walk to Pittsburgh are vital parts of Corey and Topanga’s epic love story, stating, “As the show went on, comedy gave way to its fair share of melodrama, but here the emotions were sincere and the feelings oh so real.” “. Ashani Jodha from Bustle finds the episode equally emotional, arguing that Topanga’s arc is crushing. “When she runs away and comes back to see Corey defending her in front of her parents, it’s incredibly hard to watch,” she adds.

What really makes this episode one of the very best Boy Meets World episodes is the fact that it gives some insight into Amy’s complex but ultimately supportive take on Corey and Topanga’s relationship. There are also some genuinely heartfelt tips from Feeney that will leave you with a warm, fluffy feeling.

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