The boy wants to visit his dying grandfather, but his pregnant wife thinks it’s not as important as seeing their daughter born.

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anxiety, so it’s a good idea to not only accompany expectant mothers to their doctor’s appointments, but also stay to talk about feelings. It helps to deal with emotions. And the best person to help them is their partner. The person with whom they will raise the child.

and Reddit users visible_letter He understood that he was there for his pregnant wife every step of the way. But as his due date approached, the man learned that his grandfather had fallen ill and was about to die. His first instinct told him to book a flight and say goodbye, but the man’s wife wanted him to stay.

This man receives the sad news that his grandfather – to whom he has been incredibly close – may soon die.

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However, his pregnant wife was not happy that he was planning to see Grump when she was so close to her due date.

Eventually, the couple managed to reach a compromise

And the man met his grandfather.

A study published in Journal of Women’s Health It turns out that women who didn’t. Those receiving partner support during pregnancy reported higher levels of anxiety and depression and were more likely to smoke. Because of this, the researchers concluded that having a partner who is supportive may be fundamental not only to the health of pregnant women, but also to the health of their growing fetuses.

Similarly, another study published in Journal of Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicineanalyzed the effects of a partner’s emotional and financial support on mothers during pregnancy, and determined that having someone who provided them was “significantly correlated” with reduced stress levels in mothers. can

The researchers pointed out that the mental health of the mother has a direct impact on the health of the pregnant child. “Stress experienced by mothers during pregnancy can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes that can threaten the physical and mental health of both mother and child,” the study authors explained.

However, not all couples manage to stay connected when they are ready to welcome a child. “The focus is very much on practical needs,” said Pam Pilkington, a perinatal psychologist who practices at the Center for Parental Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, and founder of Partners to Parents, is prepared to provide guidance for partners by a team of researchers and psychologists from the Australian Catholic University. Resource site. “During pregnancy, people probably don’t focus on the couple’s relationship, or emotionally support each other as much as they could.”

In practical terms, this means having an open conversation about how you’re both feeling — anxious, excited, unsure, whatever, Dr. Pilkington said — then validating each other. , making sure you are both heard and accepted. For example: After a month at home, a new mom might say, “I feel stuck here all day while you’re at work.” The helpful, correct response here isn’t, “I need to work so we can pay the bills. Why don’t you get your mom to help?” but, “I’m sorry you feel stuck.” have been. Looks like you missed seeing your friends at the office.”

However, Visible_Letter was a case of force majeure. Saying goodbye and expressing gratitude for the positive ways in which a deceased person touched your life is a way to let them know their lasting importance to you. It contributes to the person’s sense of dignity and facilitates the end of life.

But while I think it’s impossible that we can all agree on the “correct” course of action in such a scenario, it’s nice to know that the man and his wife were able to reach a compromise that allowed both What was achieved? Their hearts were longing.

People had a very mixed reaction to this situation and could not decide whether the man was right (NTA) or wrong (YTA).

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