The boys just made the internet happy with new footage of an invisible boy soldier

Official Instagram The Vought International account recently published an excerpt from the Soldier’s feature film Red Thunder. Before the clip even starts, a content warning will appear, echoing Disney’s warnings on their streaming service. The video’s caption reads: “We’ve seen your tweets, opened your emails, and read your one-star reviews. That’s why we’re making the bold choice to bring Soldier Boy back to Vought++. Movies like Red Thunder will now have this meaningful warning so that the patriots are properly prepared before they hit the play button!

The clip then shows a Soviet commander attempting to interrogate a boy soldier to find weapons being supplied to Afghanistan, placing the period in the 1980s. Soldier jokes that he is only in the village to buy carpets, but the Council says that they have captured Soldier’s allies and are planning to destroy the civilian town they are hiding in. Hearing this, Soldier Boy immediately admonishes the commander of his vaunted honor, which is why the commander calls the Americans a bunch of arrogant cowboys. Soldier Boy then says that he will always side with the Afghan rebels, which gives the TNT twins (Jack Doolan and Kristin Booth) the moment to attack the commander and take out Soldier Boy. It’s unbelievable that The Boys continues to create a believable universe around the hit show. Watching video clips set in this fictional world really helps fans get closer to the series.

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