The Boys season 3 finale moment that leaves fans scratching their heads

In The Boys Season 3 finale, Soldier Boy, Billy Butcher and Queen Maeve (Dominic McElligott) team up to defeat Homelander. However, everything changes when Soldier Boy attacks Ryan Butcher (Cameron Crovetti) after the boy tries to save his father Homelander. In response to the attack on Ryan, Billy unexpectedly turns on Soldier Boy and subsequently teams up with Homelander to stop him.

Billy’s decision to include Soldier Boy was met with some understandable confusion by The Boys fans. On Reddit, one fan even created mail noting, “It’s just odd that the destruction of the Boy Soldier was considered an equal, if not higher, priority than the destruction of Homelander.” The post generated a lot of response, and many other fans took it as an opportunity to express their disappointment with the latest twist of the Soldier Boy show.

For example, in response to the original post u/complexBT remarked, “Don’t get me wrong [Soldier Boy] sucks, but don’t see how I shouldn’t be on his side. … He did what he said and nothing more.” u/Catboxaoi confessed: “I think this is a good example [the show’s creative team] desire to maintain the status quo. The boys had to go [Soldier Boy] because [he] not in the first team, but Homelander is.”

In other words, it looks like The Boys fans have a real problem with how the show’s third season ended its boy soldier-focused arc. Unfortunately, those same fans will have to wait to see if The Boys Season 4 manages to satisfactorily address this particular criticism.

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