The bride spills wine on the most important wedding dress, thrown out of the wedding

Of the many details brides worry about when planning their weddings, the dress is usually at the top of the list. It can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect gown that will make a bride feel as beautiful and excited for her big day, but it’s even more special when she can wear a dress that’s already been in the family. Some brides choose to wear a priceless family heirloom that lives on in the light of another day to honor the past and celebrate the future. But it is important to be extremely careful when wearing a garment that has been handed down to him. There aren’t hundreds of one sitting in a factory nearby, so extreme caution should be taken around it.

Unfortunately for a bride who got married last month, not everyone understood the importance of preserving her mother’s dress. Bridezillaaita3 recently Reached Reddit Wondering if she was wrong to blow off her friend who spilled wine on her wedding dress. Below, you can read the entire story and decide for yourself whether it was handled appropriately. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and then if you’re interested in reading anything else. Essay on wedding dress drama, see this story next.

This bride recently asked the internet if she was justified in blasting her friend for ruining her wedding dress.

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The bride made it clear to everyone how emotional the dress was, but one of her bridesmaids didn’t seem bothered.

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While losing a friend over something like a dress may seem a bit dramatic, this bride made it clear how much her mother’s dress meant to her. Even for women who don’t wear sentimental heirlooms to their weddings, the dress is usually one of the most important details. In fact, the bridal wear market in the United States is one. A multi-billion dollar industry. And on average, American brides. Spend $1,100. On their wedding dresses. It’s understandable for any bride to be worried when something happens to her dress, especially on the day of the ceremony.

Another issue that some have raised with this story is the use of the term “Bridezilla”. The word has been thrown around for decades to shame women for being particular about their marriages and putting pressure on other people, but the truth is that the word is rooted in sexism. Men are never called “grom zila”, but in many marriages involving a man and a woman, joint decisions are made. Although the bride is generally expected to be the face of finalizing all the details, making many decisions about the ceremony, decorations, food, etc., she is also allowed to show no signs of stress or anxiety. do not have. Otherwise she is quickly labeled a “bridezilla”.

No one likes to annoy someone or deal with a stressful person, but it happens all the time. This can happen at work, at the grocery store, on the bus, or at home. We don’t label everyone we encounter as some form of Godzilla because they weren’t particularly kind to us. And when it comes to brides, if they’re quick or short with you, it’s only because they care so much about getting their big day to perfection. They should be given some grace. And once it’s your big day, you should expect your friends and family to be patient with you as well.

The bride later explained in the comments that she has since treated the dress, and the stain is no longer there. too She’s also considering wearing it for a re-engagement in several years if possible, but it’s still troubling that the dress was ever damaged in the first place. Some commentators suspected that the bride spilled the wine on purpose, but this is only speculation. What do you think about this situation? Do you think it was fair for this bride to blow her friend or would you have answered differently? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Commenters have been very supportive of the bride, with many suggesting that her fiancee is not a true friend.

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