The ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ star did not agree to leave the show and the audience could not believe it.

What was Fox Loss proved NBC to gain. When the fans were angry ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine.“It was taken off the air after five seasons. thanks , The break was short. As NBC For the sixth season, just in time to snatch the series was fast. Finally, after eight seasons, it looks like the show is about to end. Of course it will be an emotional vacation.

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Along the way, there were some questionable moments, especially behind the scenes. One saw his fans nodding as a big fan favorite was shown the door. Making matters more complicated, the star will show that she did not intend to leave the show and instead, the details are very sketchy.

We’ll take a look at what happened when he went out and how the audience reacted. Thankfully, it looks like she’ll be back before it’s too late.

There was little input on the departure of Parity’s own character.

The audience was not ready to say goodbye and as it turned out, Chelsea parity. Not at all, given his departure, most would assume that he had at least some creative output when it came to getting out. However, as he revealed at the same time. TV line., Although he was asked his thoughts on the last episode, ultimately, The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

“Dan was definitely,” What are the dream things you want to do? But somehow the 80-page chess game ended up in the script. [Laughs] So he must have asked me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I said that. ”

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Sending the ideal of parity looks very different. According to the Setcom star, he imagined hitting the spa with Captain Holt and gossiping about others at the station.

“I was having a spa day at Holt’s office and nobody knows about it … We closed the curtains and talked openly about people and read magazines. Somehow, it went to Dan’s head and turned it into a serious chess game. Is. ”

As for Mario Lopez’s cameo, it turns out, it wasn’t even his idea. Seeing her name in the script, she was caught completely off guard. “I actually opened the script and said, ‘Wait, does that mean Mario Lopez is going to join this episode?’ “And he did.”

Turns out, it wasn’t the only thing she was surprised about …

Quitting was apparently not his decision.

It seemed like such a weird timing, especially given the success of the show, matched Gina’s influence and how she became a fan favorite. The details were very sketchy and it was reported that Chelsea decided to leave. However, as he revealed, this was not the whole story.

“It wasn’t entirely just my decision. It’s hard to get into the grass of what happened and how it all came out, but such a time presented itself.” It’s been happening for a while. ”

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On the fan Reddit. We will also discuss this issue as you might expect, The fans were not happy Many fans blamed him for the failed talks, while others felt the network was trying to save a buck or two.

“Obviously it was a simple cost reduction. She basically dropped out, no reason to dance on it or her co-workers didn’t like it.”

“So I’m guessing she wants more money, and they couldn’t afford her current salary. So they both realized that would be the result.”

“NBC comedy always loses a cast member the following season.”

Who really knows what happened but at least, the actress exited with great professionalism and in fact, she can return before the end of the show.

She still considers the cast family.

Even during his departure, the star described it as “a family feeling.” Getting out wasn’t easy to digest, however, it seems like he had no problem with his teammates and instead, he kept things very close.

Since then he has started various projects and has found success in various other fields. However, we can all agree that Gina’s return to the show is what everyone wanted to see, and during the last season of the show, which is currently airing, everyone got what they wanted.

It was only fitting that she returned to the family, given that she was a key member of the cast for most of the series.

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Full of extraordinary writing and a talented cast, Brooklyn Nine Nine is truly an entertaining show on television and behind the scenes.

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