The brother of Isildur and Earien from the third episode of “Rings of Power” is more important than you think

As the “Rings of Power” begins, Anarion disappears from sight, though not from memory. Obviously, the son left for some mysterious reason, which continues to cause tension in his family. Whether he is at sea in search of Valinor, trying to make contact with Gil-galad in Lindon, or something else, judging by various allusions and riddles, the missing son of Elendil is engaged in some kind of pro-elven activity.

As far as Tolkien’s source material goes, there isn’t much information about Anarion’s whereabouts or interests at this point in the story. We know that he is one of the sons of Elendil and that he lives. But beyond that, Anarion doesn’t have much of a story until a little later in the story.

During a cataclysmic event called Akallabeth, which also bears the ominous name “The Fall of Numenor”, Elendil and his two sons escape from their island nation and flee to Middle-earth, literally riding the wave of the title. The Silmarillion describes this event as follows: “They were mighty people, and their ships were strong and high, but storms overtook them, and they were raised on hills of water even to the clouds, and they descended into Middle-earth like birds of the storm.

When the Elendil clan arrives in Middle-earth, they crash-land in several different places. Papa Elendil finds himself far to the north, next to the Elven king Gil-galad in Lindon, where he establishes the kingdom of Arnor. Isildur and Anarion find themselves further south, where they form the kingdom of Gondor. Eventually, they are reunited with their father, and Elendil becomes High King of both kingdoms, though Anarion and his brother continue to rule Gondor together on a daily basis.

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